Meet Leonard Lim, the Man Behind WILD Entertainment Group

Meet Leonard Lim, the Man Behind WILD Entertainment Group


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Leonard Lim discussed what it is like working with Nadine and his thoughts on the Philippine entertainment industry

In an era where the entertainment industry is rife with cutthroat competition and oversaturation, establishing a formidable reputation may seem like a challenge, but not if you have the finest team behind you. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Leonard Lim, the founder of WILD Entertainment Group, talked about his experience working with Nadine on her latest track and his thoughts on the developing entertainment landscape in the Philippines.

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Founding his own company

Leonard Lim

With a name that resonates in the world of entertainment, Leonard Lim is a man who needs no introduction. With a wealth of experience garnered from his time spent in Korea, he has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest labels in the entertainment industry, including companies such as JYP and Cube Entertainment. Through these experiences, he discovered the immense power that lies within the entertainment scene, leaving a lasting impression on his perspective.

He established WILD Group in South Korea in 2020. With a keen eye for untapped talent and a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, his vision is to provide a nurturing environment for Southeast Asian artists to flourish. During the interview, he also enthusiastically shared his striking tattoo that boldly spells out the words “WILD ONES.” This permanent emblem serves as a testament to his unwavering passion, encapsulating the essence of his brand in a visually captivating manner. Today, Leonard and his team have successfully secured the signatures of numerous talented content creators and artists who are rapidly carving out a name for themselves within the industry.

Going from creative to executive

Leonard Lim

In addition to his current role, the CEO boasts a diverse background that includes stints as both an artist and a model, but he revealed that a huge part of him never took himself seriously at that time. In a remarkable turn of events, he stumbled upon a hidden skill that altered the course of his life. “I think that a big part of me never really took myself too seriously when it comes to entertainment for my own career. I think it was more of me realizing that I have a good knack for business,” he shared. With determination, he harnessed this newfound skill and channeled it into a novel approach, one that defied convention and surpassed all expectations. This talent allowed Leonard to swiftly rise to prominence and become one of the most promising and dynamic young CEOs to keep an eye on.

WILD’s vision

Leonard Lim

With its creative approach, Leonard shared that WILD promises to redefine the way we experience entertainment in the modern age. From the initial brainstorming of ideas to the final execution, the CEO shared that they are heavily involved in every aspect of their content production and marketing strategies. He added that the key to successful collaboration also lies in recognizing the diverse dimensions that require attention and dedication. When it comes to creating music, it’s not solely about the beats and rhythm, but also about captivating your audience and ensuring they connect with your sound on a deep level. Lim further expressed their desire to create a platform that showcases talents deserving of global recognition. “What I believe and what we are working towards is that WILD wants to forge a deeper presence in Southeast Asia and to keep pushing artists in this region to other sides of the world.”

The man in charge

Leonard Lim
Leonard Lim with Shawn and JUNØ

When asked how they keep on track in the face of such intense competition and saturation in the entertainment industry, he explained that the trick is to keep up with the latest trends in music and strive to incorporate them into one’s own sound. He went on to say that it was part of his job as CEO to keep up with such developments and find innovative ways to implement them with his artists.

“I like people that have a very clear vision.”

Leonard has stated his desire to collaborate with people who can express what they want precisely. To back up his claim, he added that they are not interested in rapid expansion in order to prioritize quality at all times. They don’t believe in signing a large roster simply to increase their visibility. After all, it’s more effective to provide genuine talent than to merely provide data.

On working with Nadine

Leonard said that even though this was only a collaboration, he had a wonderful time working with Nadine. They were thrilled when she expressed interest in working with them after such a lengthy period without a new music release. He added that working with the award-winning actress was a pleasure because she is sweet, hardworking, and genuine. Lim also mentioned that he enjoyed dealing with her because she took an active role in everything. “From a CEO perspective, it is a pleasure to work with someone who takes their work seriously and is very involved in the process.” Because of this experience, Leonard admitted that he is open and excited about the possibility of making more tunes with her in the future.

Thoughts on Philippine entertainment

“The culture in the Philippines, when it comes to supporting artists, is amazing.”

Leonard Lim

Leonard was taken aback by the overwhelming response and support Nadine received after she announced that she would be releasing a new song. This undeniably demonstrates that the Filipino fandom is one of the best and most passionate in the entire globe.

When asked about his plans for collaborating with more Filipino artists, he enthusiastically said, “Definitely. I think there are so many talented people in the Philippines, and I’ve already got a few conversations happening.”

Global stage secrets

Leonard Lim

In a parting gesture of wisdom, he graciously shared a valuable nugget of advice for aspiring talents yearning to make their mark on the global stage, as well as for individuals with dreams of establishing their very own entertainment empire.

For emerging talents, he said to keep tabs on what’s hot in other parts of the world if they really want to make a name for themselves there and do everything they can to become fully immersed in that scene. And for those aspiring to establish their own label, he emphasized the significance of maintaining a sense of curiosity. This key attribute, he believes, is crucial to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the industry and staying ahead of the curve. Leonard’s profound insight underscores the transformative power of continuous learning, serving as a guiding principle for those who aspire to lead lives of fulfillment and achievement.


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