Meet Maeng, BLACKPINK’s Favorite Makeup Artist

Meet Maeng, BLACKPINK’s Favorite Makeup Artist


Know the artist behind the beauty looks seen on your favorite K-Pop stars

Celebrities and notable personalities have long been an inspiration in the beauty department. Of course, behind every breathtaking look are makeup artists and hair stylists who are masters of perfecting a visual signature. These creatives also showcase a handful of experimental glams and editorial formats that define a beauty era. It’s a given that it takes talent, skills, and artistry to be a good makeup artist, but a part of it also includes earning your client’s trust. Case in point: BLACKPINK’s favorite makeup artist, Maeng Ssaem.

Naming the artist

Myungsun Lee, also known as Maeng Ssaem, is the celebrity makeup artist behind BLACKPINK’s notable beauty moments. Her work can be seen on the girl group’s shows, music videos, and even magazine covers. Maeng is named as the stars’ most-trusted artist and has continuously worked with them for years. In recent times, she also masterfully created Jennie’s look for her attendance in the Jacquemus Le Raphia Spring/Summer 2023 show in Paris.

The celebrity makeup artist claimed that she has studied makeup for over 16 years in hope to master more than one genre of the specific art form. As luck would have it, her hard work and determination granted her to build a strong portfolio with an impressive list of clients including stars like Sooyoung Choi, Mun Ka Young, Park Min-Young, Seo Yea-Ji, and even the members of Enhypen.

And despite her busy schedule, Maeng actively updates her own channel with the latest makeup techniques and best-kept practices. With this in mind, we are giving light to her clever tutorials on how to achieve a Korean celebrity-approved look.

On creating Jennie’s top idol look

In a tutorial with over 2 million views, the celebrity makeup artist unveiled the exact process of creating Jennie’s visual signature look. First, she began by applying a skin primer, light makeup, and her trusted mineral finishing powder base to enhance the K-Pop star’s complexion. The key takeaway from this category is to find the best formula and tools for the skin. Another notable detail is how she created Jennie’s signature ombré eye makeup and her technique to a natural winged liner. 

On creating Rose’s semi-smokey eyeshadow look

Another popular video from her channel is Rosé’s semi-smokey eyeshadow look. The tutorial has garnered 1.2 million views and countless engagement from fans. Here, she gave the lids a taupe base color and defined the waterline with a dark-hued pencil. “Apply the product along the eyelashes. You don’t have to draw it. Just give it a little tap,” she punctuated. Maeng also shared her technique to achieve a perfect winged eyeliner. “Face forward and draw the line out in a straight line. Try not to draw it down.” She continues, “Just go with the line that the brush creates.” 

On creating Jisoo’s radiant makeup look

It’s no secret that a dewy, hydrated, and radiant complexion remains as the most coveted. In this video, Maeng shared her base makeup process: “Since my model already prepped her skin, I’ll start off with foundation.” Shortly after, the celebrity makeup artist revealed a mist serum as the secret to a radiant and dewy glow. “This product gives a nice supply of moisture before makeup. It can make your skin look more hydrated.” Her tutorial also showcased her technique to achieve the star’s signature straight brows and healthy looking lips.

On creating Lisa’s soft goth makeup look

Another chic iteration of a smokey eye makeup is this look by Maeng. In the tutorial, she shared that she uses Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 352 Elemental on the K-Pop idol. She also unveiled a clever trick to creating a smudged eyeliner look: “Using a black pencil eyeliner, I’m going to draw the eyeliner. If you use a creamy formula, it can be smudged better.”

Photos from I AM MAENG and WOOSUN OFFICIAL (via Instagram)

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