Meet The 5 Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Challenge Winners

Meet The 5 Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Challenge Winners


The Miss Universe Philippines Organization gave the aspiring queens an exciting round of challenges. Find out the winners.

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Miss Universe Philippines decided to change things up for this year’s batch of beauty queens. The organization decided to heavily bank on social media because of the restrictions of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. This paved the way for online challenges to take center stage in the quest to find the next Miss Universe Philippines. It all started with the Headshot Challenge that started on July 29. After which, it was followed by the Video Introduction Challenge, Runway Challenge, and the Casting Challenge. For each of the challenges, pageant aficionados get a chance to vote for their favorite queen. Although this plays a big role in choosing the winner, there are other factors that the organization look out for. Just a few days ago, Miss Universe Philippines officially announced the five winners of the challenges. Find out who they are by reading on.

Maria Corazon Abalos
Headshot Challenge Winner
Representing Mandaluyong, Maria Corazon Abalos, is the official winner of the Headshot Challenge. She actually placed 5th in the voting, but she came out victorious after the panel decided on the winner. She went against Kisses Delavin, Ayn Bernos, Steffi Aberasturi, and Maureen Wroblewitz in the final 5 of the challenge.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Introduction Challenge Winner
Representing Cebu City, Beatrice Luigi Gomez, is the official winner of the Video Introduction Challenge. Unfortunately, Beatrice did not place in the Top 15 of the Video Introduction Challenge by voter’s choice. Surprisingly, she took home 1st place after the panel gave their final word.

Steffi Rose Aberasturi
Runway Challenge Winner
Representing Cebu Province, Steffi Rose Aberasturi, took the Runway Challenge by a landslide. She was able to get everyone’s vote on the challenge as well as the judges votes. She also went viral on social media for her walk down the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway.

Maureen Christa Wroblewitz
Casting Challenge Winner
Representing Pangasinan, Maureen Wroblewitz, won the Casting Challenge. The former Asia’s Next Top Model winner was always in the top 3 of the challenges, but she finally took home first in the casting challenge. She definitely used her modeling skills to get the bread.

Victoria Velasquez Vincent
Interview Challenge Winner
Representing Cavite, Victoria Velasquez Vincent, is the winner of the last round of challenges. She won both the voter’s choice and the judge’s decision as she came out victorious in the Interview Challenge.

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