Meet the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Candidates: Miss Quezon Province to Miss Taguig

Meet the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Candidates: Miss Quezon Province to Miss Taguig


Anticipation surges as the Miss Universe Philippines competition continues to unfold. With a roster of multifaceted women, get to know the rest of the candidates as they talk to MEGA

It is believed that you have to love what you do in order to excel at it; the beauty queens of the Philippines are a prime example of this. Bold, unapologetic, and dynamic individuals, these queens, in stunning Anthony Ramirez ensembles, are seemingly ready to take the crown home. But before that, be acquainted with a parade of unique candidates from Quezon Province to Taguig as they talk to MEGA.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidates are all wearing designs by ANTHONY RAMIREZ

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Ma. Ahtisa Manalo, Quezon Province

As an experienced contender, Ahtisa Manalo is not unfamiliar and unafraid of the limelight and of the demands of pageant life—she makes it look like cakewalk. Navigating life without privilege is a testament to her dedication and tenacity to make it, and her story is proof that a person’s circumstances do not limit their potential. 

Miss Quezon Province

With her experience in joining pageants, Manalo has one thing to say: “A successful woman in their own right can still pursue Miss Universe. I am already a successful businesswoman and joining Miss Universe Philippines isn’t going to give me a headstart in life—I’ve already done that. I just want to pursue my dream.”  She further reiterates that no dream is impossible, no matter how big it is, if you are ready to work hard for it.

Stephanie Faye Geron, Quirino

As a devoted mother of three, Stephanie Geron exudes a strong aura that commands people to look her way. It may seem odd to many that a mother may want the title and the crown, but it is with Stephanie’s courage, spirit, and own growth that she vies for both with the grace and poise of a beauty queen.

Miss Quirino

Having also lived in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Geron has taken in all of her country’s splendor and uniqueness, but her homeland and the people there, as she tells MEGA, is a different beauty. In supporting our agricultural sector and lending her voice to children who are raped, this beauty queen aims to make a positive impact on her community and beyond. 

Eunice Deza, San Pablo Laguna

With a smile that could be arresting, the 23-year-old Miss Universe hopeful happened to enter the competition purely by a happy twist of fate. Only given three hours to decide whether or not to represent San Pablo, Laguna, Eunice Deza tells MEGA, “I needed to prepare not only myself but also my team. And now, being here, I’m really grateful to have these people behind me when I said yes to pursuing this challenging yet exciting dream.”

Miss San Pablo Laguna

As a proud San Pableña, Deza is the picture of a modern young leader as a youth empowerment advocate for inclusive and quality education. Aspiring for a more progressive society, Deza is dauntless and fearless in using this platform to bolster the causes close to her heart.

Joshell De Ocampo, Siargao

Not new to pageantry, Joshell De Ocampo represents the island paradise with honor and joy. As the breadwinner, De Ocampo is fearlessly pursuing the crown and title as a zealous supporter of mental health awareness and personal growth. “Winning the crown just means reaching a broader audience; I want to help and inspire other people with the story of how I overcame my own struggles,” she declares.

Miss Siargao

In igniting change, she fervently advocates for building and shaping the youth’s self-confidence and their holistic development by offering her services in modeling agencies without charge. De Ocampo also shares with MEGA that while living away from her family and the journey of Miss Universe Philippines is tough and fastidious, she walks the runway with a burning passion and vehement devotion to transform lives.

Jet Hammond, Southern California

“I’ve always wanted to be Miss Universe Philippines, but I’ve had to make peace with the fact that there are restrictions when it comes to married women. But when I received the call from my sister about the policy shift, I thought: ‘Well, now I have to do it,’” Jet Hammond laughs during her intimate conversation with MEGA, defining the moment she decided to aim for the title. She describes this as a core memory, and now that she’s here, she is bold and valiant in taking the stage.

Miss Southern California

Hammond shares that while it is unexpected to speak for the Filipino people in Southern California, her mission is to spotlight each of their own untold stories alongside her own as she competes. Also as a Woman in Healthcare, the beauty queen collaborates with Health Futures Foundation and Likhaan Organization to drive forward her advocacy of healthcare awareness, accessibility, and affordability.

Jenina Anne Lui, Sydney

Jenina Lui is a powerful symbol of the Filipino spirit, pushing and inspiring Filipinos overseas to take pride in their ancestry and roots. She describes pageantry as ‘God’s plan for me,’ and tells MEGA that Miss Philippines Australia allowed her an opportunity to relate with the Filipino community in Sydney. “I found that so fulfilling,” she declares. “I also got to do the Hello Philippines Youth Tour Program which made me bridge the gap with the younger Filipinos to reconnect with their heritage. That’s what I want to continue doing.”

Miss Sydney

Embodying the qualities of a true Filipina leader, Lui says that growing up in Sydney still gave her the capacity to maintain her love of being Filipino and to showcase the Filipino spirit on the national stage.

Tamara Ocier, Tacloban

Not the typical beauty queen, Tamara Ocier stands at only 5’4 yet emanates a powerful and commanding presence. Her pursuit in championing the rights of women and young girls is admirable and meaningful; she describes the crown as not only glitz and glamor, but also as a heavy weight of responsibility. “We are tasked with what is usually talked about and what is usually not talked about,” she says. “I want to focus more on the ‘not’—which is to center on the awareness of reproductive health, sex education, HIV awareness, and teenage pregnancy.” She further reiterates that as a conservative country, these topics are taboo and not yet integrated in our education system, so her mission is to shed light onto these matters as it concerns the Filipinos’ overall health.

Miss Tacloban

Following the Yolanda disaster, Ocier wants to send out the narrative that despite the tragedy, she embodies the resiliency of the Tacloban people and shows the country that “we are not victims, we are survivors. And from nothing, we are now a beautiful and progressive city.”

Christi Lynn Landrito McGarry, Taguig

As a beacon of change and empowerment, Christi McGarry has carved out her own path in the sustainability and eco-tourism sector, collaborating with organizations such as Planet CORA, Save Philippine Seas, Lokal Lab Siargao, and WWF. McGarry also describes that after putting her dreams to become a Miss Universe on the backburner, joining the competition as ‘divine timing’ following the lifting of age restrictions. From the beginning of her journey until now, McGarry is an unyielding and empowered queen. 

Miss Taguig

Her magnetic presence makes her an unstoppable force in promoting and protecting the Philippines’ natural beauty and biodiversity. With the crown and as Miss Universe Philippines, McGarry pledges to use the platform as a springboard to make and be something greater in relation to preserving the country’s endangered and endemic species, corals, and ecosystems. 

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Candidates

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