Flawless Finish: Meet the New and Improved barenbliss Cover Cushion

Flawless Finish: Meet the New and Improved barenbliss Cover Cushion


For all of your on-the-go beauty routines, achieve a flawless matte complexion with an upgrade of touch-up from barenbliss’ True Beauty Inside Cushion

In the past few years, makeup trends have constantly evolved to meet the demand of beauty enthusiasts on portability, convenience, and skincare benefits. Offering these and more is the most sought-after sensation known to many as K-beauty. This popular approach is about reaching your optimal skin health wherever you go. 

So if you’re looking to switch up your beauty routine, barenbliss has got you covered, especially with their newest and improved makeup and skincare hybrid True Beauty Inside Cushion that’s blendable and buildable for that soft, luxurious finish. 

A total game-changer

The craze on cushion compacts on social media has left many wanting for more—a better formula, higher coverage, and an improved compact design. These easy-to-use compacts are built for quick touch-ups throughout the day so you can naturally look fresh with a subtle glow.

In the digital influencer realm, one stands out: barenbliss True Beauty Inside Cushion. This cushion has been here for over a year, and people have been clamoring for an upgrade because of its formula, effectiveness, and handiness. 

barenbliss knows how to listen to the woes of beauty lovers. As the brand’s ethos is to bring joyful, clean beauty to all who wish to celebrate blissful moments, they now introduce us to the much improved True Beauty Inside Cushion. It now features 15 grams of your favorite formula, which is a rise from the previous 12 grams, a new honeycomb sponge, and an upgraded puff, making the application even more effortless.

Promising a high coverage of up to 24 hours, this floral-scent cushion is inspired by Korean flower gardens filled with various beautiful flowers. Similar to the other products from the Bloommatte collection, this cushion is also infused with Miracle Bloom™.

Inspired by Korean flowers

Miracle Bloom™ contains the five Korean flowers that work wonders on your skin. The first one being hibiscus (Vitamins C & E) that locks in moisture and works as an exfoliating and smoothing agent that draws out toxins and oils while healing your skin. To protect your skin from oxidation and inflammation, they also have the magnolia flower that counteracts skin irritation and interferes with hyperpigmentation.

barenbliss true beauty inside cushion with SPA 45 PA +++
Be protected with SPF 45 PA+++ to stave off free radical damage while keeping skin healthy
flawless matte barenbliss true beauty inside cushion
Experience 24 hour flawless matte perfection

For relieving redness and tightening of pores, the chamomile flower accelerates cell and tissue renewal and has potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that nourish, moisturize, and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues. To help brighten skin, camellia (Vitamins A, C, D, and E) contains a high amount of antioxidants that prevents skin aging. 

Lastly, there’s calendula (lutein and beta-carotene) to help soothe and heal inflamed skin caused by minor cut, rashes, eczema, and acne.

These nature-derived ingredients are barenbliss’ green movements towards sustainable beauty. Moreover, it contains SPF 45 PA++, which is very helpful for a country with a tropical climate like the Philippines. It is also lightweight and non-greasy and feels like a second skin.

Shades of beauty

Since no one shade fits all, barenbliss created foundation colors—now with new names—to match the different Filipino complexions, from light to medium to deep medium.

barenbliss skin tone guide
Check out this barenbliss guide to discover the flawless match that enhances your natural beauty

In the first rundown of the True Beauty Inside Cushion, barenbliss initially released three shades that vary according to one’s skin undertones. For light-medium complexion, the brand has #MC1 Freesia (formerly Light Petal Shower) and #MW1 Gardenia (formerly Medium Blossom Mud). The former is the perfect foundation match when you have cool pink undertones, which you’ll know if the veins on your wrists are blue or purple, while the latter is your best bet when you have neutral undertones or a combination of green, purple, and blue veins on your wrists. For medium to medium-deep complexions, barenbliss offers the #TW1 Lavender (formerly Beige Summer Nectar)—fit for those with warm undertones.

To accommodate true and natural Filipino skin tones, the earlier foundation colors are now accompanied by two more lighter shades—namely, #LW1 Bluebell (formerly Porcelain Summer Nectar) for light skin tone with warm undertones and the #LW2 Daisy (formerly Ivory Blossom Mud) for light to light-medium skin tone with neutral undertones.

With these shades and ingredients, you can feel your most radiant, natural self come out, thus leading you to make more confident choices that empower your true beauty. 

Take the new and improved barenbliss True Beauty Inside Cushion to your fun and memorable special events by visiting barenbliss’ Facebook and Instagram, and shop them on Shopee, LazadaMall, and TikTok Shop.

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