Meet the Queen Contenders for MEGA Drag’s Pride Party Battle Royale

Meet the Queen Contenders for MEGA Drag’s Pride Party Battle Royale


Six Filipino drag queens—from our own islands to our neighboring country—are vying for the first MEGA Drag Queen title. Who will reign among them?

For the first time in MEGA Drag herstory, we are celebrating Pride quite literally—at a party with our beloved LGBTQIA+ community, as well as with our allies. But to spice things up, it will be quite a journey with six drag queens from Northern Luzon, Metro Manila, Mindanao, and even Singapore leading our affair with their electrifying talent, style, and charisma. We officially welcome you to the Battle Royale Competition, where a “Kaleidoscope of Colors” will shine through the lights of KAO Manila. Before they get to the stage tonight, meet the queens representing their houses for tonight’s competition.

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The House of Nak

Representing the North of Luzon are Empy Radora and Martha Amethyst hailing from the hexad House of Nak. The said family is a breeding ground of passionate purr-formers meant for a wider audience, as fellow drag queens Matilduh and Tiny Deluxe have also joined Drag Race Philippines Season 2. This time, it’s time for Empy Radora and Martha Amethyst to step into the spotlight.

Empy Radora

Persistence is how you would describe Empy Radora’s drag journey—one that began during the pandemic. From joining online drag events from her hometown, she would brave the distance from Baguio to another stage for her next gig with the drive to make a name for herself in the drag scene. In 2023, Empy won The One 690 Drag Race, and she also bagged 8th place at Drag Cartel All-Stars 4. The drag queen is now a resident performer at HARA Bar La Union where she does solo and group acts.

MEGA Drag Pride Party Empy Radora Queen

Martha Amethyst

The art of drag compels one to hone her skills in fashion, beauty, and performance. For Martha Amethyst, she is slaying all of these departments. Apart from being hailed as the Grand Winner of Spaces MNL’s Spotlight Season 2 and earning the Drag Goddess title in 2023, the drag queen is a staple performer at Nectar Nightclub and HARA La Union. Beyond the drag stage, her creativity and flair for fashion extend to her mastery of hair and wig styling. She has previously crafted stunning looks for her fellow drag queens such as Precious Paula Nicole, Tiny Deluxe, and Marina Summers. 

MEGA Drag Pride Party Martha Amethyst Queen

The House of Ding

Hailing from the bustling nightclub scene of Metro Manila are the bright stars Felicia and Bomba representing the House of Ding. Mothering three darlings, Drag Race Philippines Season 1 contender Brigiding shares her star status with Zymba Ding, Felicia Ding, and Bomba Ding. Tonight, we’re lucky to witness Felicia and Bomba live.

Felicia Ding

Felicia Ding epitomizes a refined aesthetic that blends contemporary flair with old Hollywood. Crowned as the winner of Drag Cartel All Stars 5, her drag journey began when she assisted the Divine Divas and caught Brigiding’s eye. Her drag name is a contraction of “Filipina Siya,” giving a nod to her Pinoy Pride. She is also known for her emotive lip-sync performances of Broadway showstoppers and soulful anthems at Nectar Nightclub. What does she have in store for us tonight? We’ll find out.

MEGA Drag Pride Party Felicia Ding Queen

Bomba Ding

From drag to dance, Bomba Ding’s artistic expression knows no bounds. Owning her prowess as a professionally trained multi-genre dancer, she is loud and proud with her “muscular, dancing, and bearded queen” branding. Since her debut in 2023, the House of Ding queen has been bringing explosiveness to every performance—proof that she definitely has a promising trajectory ahead.

MEGA Drag Pride Party Bomba Ding Queen

Muah Dayaw

From the southern islands of the Philippines, Muah Dayaw represents the Davao drag scene. The rising star, dubbed as the “Drag Queen na Pogi,” was bred from the House of Xilhouete. With her powerful moves and stunts as a dance artist and coach, Muah Dayaw emerged as a grand finalist at Eat Bulaga’s “Dancing Kween” segment; she was also the former team captain of the Adamson Pep Squad. Today, Muah Dayaw is active on TikTok, where she has amassed more than 1.2 million followers.


Filipina drag queens know how to make their mark overseas—and MikaVogue, representing queens abroad, is one stellar case in point. The Singapore-based drag queen launched her drag career in the Lion City and has flourished in the vibrant scene overseas. Despite being candid about her struggles of living away from the Philippines and her family, she continues to thrive in the country’s drag scene, performing in shows such as RIOT! and Peaches Club’s Drag Wars. MikaVogue also dominated the Crystal Ball Vogue Face Category in 2022.

Lately, the drag queen is back in her home country and has been making appearances at the Drag Race and Drag Den premieres, hosting viewing parties, and gigs. And tonight, we get to watch this Filipino pride live.

MEGA Drag Pride Party Mika Vogue Queen



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