Meet The Top 7 Most Stylish Livestreamers In The Philippines

Meet The Top 7 Most Stylish Livestreamers In The Philippines


Livestreamers have taken over the Philippines, but among hundreds of streamers these seven really stand out for their Insta-worthy looks.

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Livestreaming has been around for years now, but it was only during the pandemic when the real-time platform picked up immensely. Nowadays, everyone’s streaming. To cater the hype, multiple social media sites such as Facebook and TikTok have created their own streaming platforms. And if you have ever caught a stream by chance, you’d be surprised. They’re actually quite fun. As viewers, you really get to know the streamers in an unfiltered way, which creates some form of attachment to them. As a result, streamers are able to build empires with their loyal fan base. Meet the seven Filipinas who are doing just that, while slaying the fashion game one stream at a time.


Amanda Zamora – @amandaazamora
Content: Challenges
Where can you watch her? KUMU
You may know her as “Ang Unique-a Hija Darling ng San Juan” from KUMU’s PBB Connect. She joined Pinoy Big Brother’s online competition in KUMU to prove to people that she is more than just a model and a politician’s daughter. As of yesterday, the young streamer is officially a house member in Big Brother’s house.
Get her look: Amanda likes to kick it back with a frilly top and a pair of form-fitting trousers for her livestreams.


Bianca Umali –@biancalouiseumali
Content: Beauty and Make-up
Where can you watch her? Shopee Livestream
Don’t be mistaken. Bianca Louise Umali isn’t Bianca Umali. Although, that is her real name. Bianca Louise Umali is a freelance make-up artist and a livestreamer for the e-commerce platform, Shopee. No, she does not sell any items there. Instead, she teaches her audience how to do their make-up using items they’ve already bought from Shopee.
Get her look: Bianca loves K-Pop. Cop her look by taking inspiration from girl groups such as Twice, MAMAMOO, and Loona.


Amara Ui – @amaraui
Content: Gaming
Where can you watch her? Facebook Live
If Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World had a child, you would get Amara Ui. You can’t unsee it. Much like the film, Amara Ui checks all the boxes for an edgy and eclectic aesthetic. On the other hand, whenever she’s live you get to see a whole different side of her. She’s still a badass, but one that you could share a few laughs with.
Get her look: Amara is a certified baddie. You can’t go wrong by pairing black baggy jeans with a graphic cropped tank top.


Livestreamers, Ruth Jimenez

Ruth Jimenez – @roguejimenez
Content: Fashion
Where can you watch her? Shopee Livestream
Ruth Jimenez has been everywhere. Before joining the Shopee Livestreamers, she was already a YouTuber, influencer, and entrepreneur. As a livestreamer, she’s charismatic, fun, and informational. You can learn so many saving tips and style hacks from her streams, while having a good time. Plus, she does hilarious couple pranks with her livestreaming beau, Miccolo Solis.
Get her look: Ruth loves a classy, yet comfortable look. Opt for a monochromatic outfit in an earthy tone to channel your inner rogue.


Livestreamers, Sanya Lopez

Sanya Lopez – @sanyalopez
Content: Lifestyle
Where can you watch her? Bigo
Sanya Lopez is no stranger to the spotlight. The Kapamilya actress has made the most out of her free time by engaging with her fans through livestreaming. You can now catch Sanya on Bigo for her lifestyle tips, easy conversations, and a whole lot of laughs. Her fan base, the Sanya Warriors, are very welcoming and may even strike a conversation with you.
Get her look: Sanya Lopez lives for classic pieces with a twist. Bring out your old low rise jeans and pair it with a timeless white button down. Finish off the look in your retro sunnies.


Livestreamers, Denise Silva

Denise Silva – @itsdenisesilva
Content: Lifestyle and Music
Where can you watch her? Kumu
Make some noise because DJ Denise Silva is in the house. Yup, the 99.5 Radio DJ has branched out to the world of livestreaming. Since we can’t have in-person events, hosts like Denise have adapted to going live. When she’s not representing a brand for a sponsored live, she’s teaching her audience how to perfect their radio voice. You can definitely learn a thing or two from this Radio DJ.
Get her look: You can definitely find Denise wearing a cute bucket hat and a ribbed top. Steal her style by wearing denim on denim.


Livestreamers, Christine Samson

Christine Samson – @christinesamsonn
Content: Gaming
Where can you watch her? Tier One YouTube Channel
In 2020, Christine Samson was voted the Philippine’s sexiest woman trumping over Nadine Lustre and Ivana Alawi. It’s safe to say that this gamer girl has got it and everyone knows it. She’s a model, streamer, host, and performer in It’s Showtime. Beyond that, she has been able to create a unique following that are in awe of her natural beauty and are at ease with her gamer girl persona.
Get her look: Christine can go from baddie to preppy in a second. Mix it up by combining both into one look. Match a loose sweater with a short plaid skirt and you’re good to go.

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