Behind The Scenes Of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary Features: The Photographers – Part 2

Behind The Scenes Of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary Features: The Photographers – Part 2


Take a journey into the daring worlds of our Filipino lensmen who continue to push the bounds of creativity.

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Photography is a tool to tell the truth, to capture a moment in time that is naturally forgotten by memory. But in our local industry, several brilliant creatives use it to tell a different kind of honesty. These are the Filipino photographers who tell a narrative through their work and sometimes, they even pose a question to invite the viewers to fully dive into the images.

In celebration of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary, we highlight the stories that they want to tell today and how they’re constantly growing as artists.

MJ Suayan

Going through MJ Suayan’s portfolio is similar to stepping into a surreal realm that’s both a dream and a nightmare. He first started out with street photography and fashion photography, but today he is known to be a mixed-medium artist who turns photos into art. What makes Suayan’s work distinct is his obscure desire for beauty he shares, “I guess it is my way of telling everyone that beauty isn’t about perfection.”

Challenging himself with every image he produces, his editorial “A Poetic Decay” takes on the topic of haute couture as a dying tradition. The peeling paints and dark motifs used to contrast the bright sculptural outfits, not only sell high fashion, but it presents the poetry behind the clothes.

Jones Palteng

You’re probably wondering why Jones Palteng is part of our list of photographers. Mostly known as a stylist, Palteng is breaking beyond his usual job title to show that Filipino creatives are multi-faceted. “The creatives here are not just static. We are changing, adapting, and evolving. Breaking out of our known reputation,” he states.

In collaboration with Aya Abesamis and Joma Bernardo, their editorial “The Variegated Florescence” dives into the extreme richness of Asian culture. Punctuated with a multitude of patterns and textures, combined with chiaroscuro-esque lighting, it exhibits Palteng’s flair for dramatic photography. “Stare too long and it becomes euphoric, psychedelic, an opium of sorts.”

Jerick Sanchez

The man behind the lens of various MEGA covers and editorials, Jerick Sanchez creates images with a naturally commanding presence. With a penchant for classic portraiture that is desaturated or in black and white, he can bring out the intimate form of his subjects. He values provoking emotion through the images as much as visual appeal.

This is present in his editorial “Primal Instinct”, where his versatility is shown by capturing men in their modern silhouette. It’s classic and timeless, his signature photography style. Working with Sanchez behind-the-scenes is equally a delight, he is humble and witty on set despite his success.

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