Behind The Scenes Of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary Features: The Photographers – Part 1

Behind The Scenes Of MEGA’s 30th Anniversary Features: The Photographers – Part 1


With these creatives at the helm, one can be assured that each snap is more than what meets the eye. 

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With all the dazzling spreads and the unique concepts, it’s easy to lose track of the creative genius behind them. Today, we put the spotlight on the photographers in the 30th Anniversary issue of MEGA—those who brought to life what were initially mere visions. Join us as we dig beneath the surface level, and touch on the inspirations and intentions that helped transform these concepts to the artful interpretations they are today. 

Seven Barretto of Studio 7 

Prided as one of the publication’s favorite photographers, MEGA has enlisted Barretto again for the 30th anniversary issue. With his prowess, we can only expect him to paint another inspiring narrative behind the lens. Padayon is all about resilience and moving forward—something Filipino history and fashion knows how to do to a tee. 

photographers 30th anniversary

The limelight is shed on a woman fighting for survival and is pushing boundaries to make fashion, beauty and culture intersect in uncharted territories. What inspired Barretto to tell this story is when he came across a dried up river, filled to the brim with lahar from Mt. Pinatubo’s explosion. 

Ryan Agustin 

Commercial and Fashion Photographer Ryan Agustin brings graphic pizzazz to the table with Glitz Mania. The concept flawlessly captures the 70’s discotheque era and it’s colorful mood. It also encapsulates today’s boldness and desire to express one’s individuality. 

photographers 30th anniversary

Vibrant and sharp, Agustin’s finished products are exactly like how he describes this generation’s cultural zeitgeist—fashion-forward and unimaginable. 

Aya Cabauatan

Cabauatan has always been keen on the unique ways on how to break boundaries in her craft. And in the 30th anniversary issue of MEGA, this talented lenswoman does exactly that. She, along with her group of equally stellar creatives, marries artistic beauty and nature to showcase the essence of Filipino fashion and talent. All while placing in front of the camera the multi-faceted and multi-cultural faces ruling the local fashion industry today. 

photographers 30th anniversary

Her signature raw and unfiltered film treatment makes the hues of the elements in her graphics beautifully pop. Cabauatan’s handiwork will make you ponder on the paradox of how something can look so ethereal yet natural. 

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