MEGA Active Is Your New Health, Fitness and Wellness Destination

MEGA Active Is Your New Health, Fitness and Wellness Destination


Raise your hand if you went through a sportswear phase last year.

It’s no secret that more and more people are making their wellness a top priority. The past few years have seen this sector rise in an unprecedented rate with all sorts of diet trends, workout gear, wearable tech, and—yes—fashion brands coming up. Health and wellness is no longer just a weekend thing; it’s a lifestyle.

MEGA Active is here to guide people into the vast and sometimes, overwhelming, world of health. It’s not just a question of Alo Yoga versus Lululemon or if IV drips are good or if it’s too late to learn how to rollerskate or jump rope (it’s not). As part of the illustrious MEGA brand, MEGA Active will not only be a helpful navigator to the right sneaker, right detox or right bedtime, it’s also aiming to inspire with its artful stories on the people and brands making a difference in the scene. MEGA Active is here to empower you to take a positive and proactive approach to your health, and perhaps that of your loved ones.

Oh, and it’s not all heavy lifting stuff. We’re also here to make it fun—and fashionable of course.

Our maiden issue starring Majoy Baron on the cover is a classic example of what to expect. Not only do we delve deep into the volleybelle’s life and workout routines, but we also put her in a sizzling fashion editorial that’s sure to inspire more than a few crunches on our side. Discover why how this sports star struggles and dares to dream for more. It’s cheesy, we know, but it’s simply oh so true: it’s the journey that counts.

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