MEGA Ball 2024’s Best Dressed List

MEGA Ball 2024’s Best Dressed List


On Independence Day, we hosted the annual MEGA Ball with a theme that fused fashion with food—and these ensembles are deliciously enticing

What’s a ball without fashion? On Independence Day, the theme of “Fashion + Food” and a black and white dress code, inspired a delectable assortment of ensembles that were artfully crafted in sartorial opulence. Served in luxurious fabrics reminiscent of gourmet indulgences, the guests brought Michelin-star service, making the MEGA Ball a prestigious feast for the eyes.

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Heart Evangelista

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Alaïa

Heart Evangelista looked exquisite in a form-fitting black sheer Alaïa fit at the MEGA Ball. The style was an aesthetic success in chicness, comparable to a well-balanced dish that left you wanting more.

Nadine Lustre

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Ziv Rei Alexi

Nadine Lustre made a remarkable entrance in a Ziv Rei Alexi creation, a white dress cracked like a beautiful painting. The unique texture and artistic design evoked the intricate beauty of a premium pastry, both visually appealing and deeply memorable.

Kyline Alcantara

In Chris Nick

Kyline Alcantara brought a dash of coquette and menswear to the MEGA Ball in a Chris Nick ensemble. It featured a cropped black blazer paired with a long skirt that boasted an open slit at the back, touched with silky ribbons. The spiky hair added an edgy bite.

Gabbi Garcia

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Rajo Laurel

Gabbi Garcia wore an archival black fringed dress by Rajo Laurel. The piece resembles vintage wine, aged to perfection and savored with every glance.

Fely Atienza

The backless dress highlighted Atienza’s strong and toned physique

Fely Atienza sizzled in a fiery dress she discovered in a boutique in Los Angeles. The ensemble took over sexy sophistication, sparking admiration.

Carla del Prado

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Cary Santiago

Carla del Prado looked beautiful in a classic Filipiniana ensemble by Cary Santiago, rendered in timeless black. The cultural homage of the outfit was like a heritage dish, rich in history and flavor, served with impeccable craftsmanship.

Sam Sadhwani

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024

Sam Sadhwani served up a striking look at the MEGA Ball in a long black blazer dress, featuring a plunging neckline and a meticulously placed slit. looked Her ensemble sliced through the crowd like a sharp knife through ripe fruit.

Em Aglipay Villar

In Michael Leyva

Em Aglipay Villar made a statement in a black backless gown with ruching detail at the back by designer Michael Leyva. The design was an artwork, exhibiting a top chef’s top hits, favored in the MEGA Ball. 

Michelle Marquez Dee

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Mark Bumgarner

Michelle Marquez Dee graced the event in a Mark Bumgarner creation—a black foundational dress adorned with a white rosette twisted by one side. It was like a classic recipe passed down through generations, never losing its lure.

Cristalle Belo-Pitt

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
Cristalle Belo-Pitt wore a black dress with straps with a touch of gold accents

Cristalle Belo-Pitt turned heads in a sleek black gown with an abundance of straps descending by her side and trailing down her back. With a gold Schiaparelli bag matching the straps’ outer ends, the look emanated a chef’s careful arrangement of ingredients. Moreover, the dress is a vintage Versace given by her mother, Dr. Vicki Belo.

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Milka Romero

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Mark Bumgarner

Milka Romero stunned in a glamorous Mark Bumgarner dress adorned with rosettes. The design was like a beautifully decorated cake, with each rosette adding a delectable touch to the MEGA Ball.

Stacey Gabriel

Best Dressed List at the MEGA Ball 2024
In Val Taguba

Stacey Gabriel looked every bit chic in a Val Taguba creation, showcasing sensuality front and back. The beauty queen’s ensemble was perfectly complemented by a Tiffany necklace, a dessert of sophistication.

The last flashbulbs faded, but the MEGA Ball 2024 left a deliciously lasting impression on fashion excellence. The event was a gastronomic feast that defines Filipino culture. Our Best Dressed List is a menu of visionaries who cooked up the spirit of inspiration and pride that the MEGA Ball will forever champion.



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