MEGA Entertainment’s Best Dressed List for the Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music

MEGA Entertainment’s Best Dressed List for the Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music


Fashion and music come together to celebrate the achievements of women, on stage and in style at Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music event. Find out who made our Best Dressed List

Two quintessential expressions of artistry converge as the spotlight is focused on the highly anticipated Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music. With harmonious melodies and electrifying performances, these exceptional women also grace the blue carpet in a breathtaking showcase of their best looks. Perfectly complementing their finest compositions, this is MEGA Entertainment’s Best Dressed List.

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Regine Velasquez

Like the melodious allure of her legendary voice, ribbons and sparkles adorn Regine Velasquez’s attire. It flies with the elegance of Asia’s Songbird, also capturing the essence of its coquette charm.

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo’s textured ensemble hits all the right notes, channeling a playful rhythm with its interpretation of the rumpled and crumpled style. It’s like a catchy melody that dances between carefree and chic. And just like a chart-topping hit, she effortlessly owns it. 

Belle Mariano

She may be a rookie in music, but Belle Mariano is already stealing hearts in the industry—just like her dress. The future is brimming with optimism, pulsating with the promise of her talent and potential.


The girl group gives denim a world tour, with each member adding their own spin while still rocking a unified vibe. Who knew you could do so much with denim? BINI obviously did. 

Moira Dela Torre

The stars of the night are not in the sky—they’re in Moira Dela Torre’s dress. The black corset dress with sheer detailing brings out a celestial glow, as if constellations have descended to note her in their beauty.


Morisette’s body-hugging gown is like waves on a rock: powerful and beautiful. Just as acoustic waves beckon to the shore, she embodies the captivating essence of soft rock.

Denise Julia

Denise Julia exudes sultriness in her backless black dress, subtly enhanced by delicate gold accents and accessories that add mesmerizing surprise to her ensemble. 


She sells seashells by the seashore. Or at least, the Billboard Philippines Women in Music. The net cut-out detail, paired with her flowing locks, transforms her into a recognized mermaid reigning over the Philippine seas.

Fashion and music intertwine in a celebration of female achievement, both on stage and in style. As the spotlight shines brightly on the Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music event, these remarkable women dazzle on the blue carpet in a stunning display of their memorable looks.

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