MEGA Exclusive: Plains And Prints Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into Their Latest Collection

MEGA Exclusive: Plains And Prints Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into Their Latest Collection


Live like you’re in Havana, Cuba with Plains and Prints latest collection designed by Rosanna Ocampo.

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Clothes become an extension of yourself. As the years pass by, we search for the style that speaks to us the most. Some catch on early in their lives while some are in a constant adventure to experience different trends. But as trends come and go, we curate our wardrobe based on the style we made and the clothes that make us feel confident. We can go with the style that goes with the saying ‘less is more’ but with Plains and Prints latest collection, they proved that ‘more is more’ is worth the experience.

Designed by Rosanna Ocampo, the dainty yet striking collection is filled with textures, colors, and prints that resonate Rosanna’s mood and personality. Rosanna allows us to venture into the streets of Havana, Cuba as she curates a color palette that transports us to a relaxing day at the beach. A tropical world that we can bring anywhere we want, whether you’re out for brunch with friends, a business meeting, a romantic date night by the sea or the city. 

“My inspiration revolves around color, prints, and texture. I love more is more.”

Rosanna Ocampo

When Rosanna was asked by Plains and Prints to design the collection, she wanted it to be a continuity of what she normally does. It becomes a representation of her confidence, style, and progress of becoming a modern woman.

I think when you reach a certain age, you’re already so confident in your own skin to wear a lot of colors and all these details, which means you already know who you are.”

Rosanna Ocampo

And as they reveal the collection, they chose a Filipina celebrity who has been capturing the confidence and style Plains and Prints live by. From lilac hues to a whimsical black, Anne Curtis embodies what it means to be the ultimate female powerhouse. She shows us her versatility and confidence as she matches the collection’s playful look with her bubbly personality.

The colorful selection includes embroidery details, geometric prints, and asymmetrical cuts that play between the ideas relaxed and conventional. Making the collection easier to use for any occasion. Along with confidence, Plains and Prints values comfort for the modern woman. The collection offers pieces made with different materials and textures that would cater to everyone’s preference. 

Although, the playful collection is more than the designs. After more than 2 years, the collaboration with Rosanna marks as their first major collaboration for the brand. And with Rosanna’s zestful energy, Roxanna Farillas, Plains and Prints owner, shared that it has been exciting to work with Rosanna as she admires her fun yet chic, sophisticated style. 

As always, Plains and Prints continue to stay true to their style as Rosanna introduces them to a world full of life and zest. 

Get early access to the Plains and Prints X Rosanna Ocampo collection on July 14 by shopping on their website or with their E-Shopper at Zalora. The collection will be available in all Plains & Prints stores nationwide and online on July 19.

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