MEGA Exclusive: Rajo Laurel Takes Us To Paradise With His New Collection, Paradiso

MEGA Exclusive: Rajo Laurel Takes Us To Paradise With His New Collection, Paradiso


With the latest release of Volume 3, Rajo Laurel shares the inspiration behind Paradiso.

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Paradise, it can be whatever we want it to be. It can be a dream destination you yearn to be in, a quick run to the nearby coffee shop for your daily dose of caffeine, or a simple picnic in your city’s park— paradise is always there waiting for you. 

With an array of optimistic colors, we are given a glimpse of paradise with Rajo Laurel’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Paradiso. As vivid colors marry pieces of sophistication or hand-painted details reminiscent of tropical landscapes draped across the silhouettes, we ask ourselves— what if paradise doesn’t seem so far at all? 

A desire to wander, to travel, and to roam in places you’ve never been in. It’s a state of mind we explore in order to feel free. This is the narrative Rajo Laurel and his team wanted to have for the collection. A collection that transports us to our dream destinations. 

“I wanted to share that excitement of going to Paradise even if we’re just at home.  I wanted to react to that desire of wanderlust.  I am an avid traveler and adventurer and I wanted to convey this  passion in the collection. “

Rajo Laurel

A unique approach to complete the collection is through dividing the collection. Giving an impression of venturing into new stories, landscapes, and destinations. Though very distinct in their own way, each volume in Paradiso has a narrative. 

“We divided the collection into volumes so that we can express the story of the collection in a more cohesive manner. We love telling stories with our clothes and through these narratives we aim to entice and create that joyful conversation with our clients. “

Rajo Laurel

And with the recent launch of Volume 3, it was an exploration of volumes and shapes. Experimenting with techniques that take classic silhouettes into modern and distinct propositions. True to House Of Laurel’s design values, subtle hints of our culture spreads across the selection adorned in vivid colors and wearable silhouettes.

We always try to highlight our Culture, as this is a language in the way we design and the way we create.  However I try to push new propositions on what we think of as Filipiniana.”

Rajo Laurel

But as the collection nears its end, Rajo Laurel takes us back to the start of it all. Volume 4, the last volume of Paradiso, is an ode to the beginning of the collection. Creating pieces that became brand favorites and are made anew, they go back to all the reasons on why these are cherished pieces. And just like our paradise, why do we constantly yearn for it? 

The last volume will be about “favorites”, the idea behind why we go back to cherished pieces? What makes it special?  We thought about all the reasons as to what makes certain pieces our favorites and from there the volume was born.”

Rajo Laurel

Discover Rajo Laurel’s latest collection, Paradiso, on their website.

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