MEGA’s Face Cards: 5 Most Influential Celebrity Ambassadors

MEGA’s Face Cards: 5 Most Influential Celebrity Ambassadors


These names have ruled every platform they’ve been on—not just for their physical attributes, but for the influence and power

Every day, on different platforms, a group of people decide which celebrities or influencers or models are considered gorgeous, depending on that era’s metrics. Fortunately, the appreciation of beauty has sunk deeper than the physical attributes of one’s person. Now, the prettiest or most handsome face may not need to subscribe to society’s traditional standards. That face could be the one who is most influential, or the one who grabs attention and keeps it, or the one who stands by an advocacy.  

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In the list below, we present MEGA’s FACE CARDS. Wherever these beautiful people go, the spotlight will follow—not only for their gorgeous faces, but also for their influence.

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo for Ideal Vision

When MEGA released its April 2024 print issue, with Kathryn Bernardo on the cover, her quotes and photos went viral in minutes. This goes to prove the power that the actress has on both her loyal fans and everyone who has worked with her. That’s not surprising. After all, Bernardo has grown up more beautiful physically, emotionally, and spiritually in front of the public, and she took it all with grace and confidence. Recently, she made the headlines, again, when she was awarded the Best Actress trophy for her performance in the movie A Very Good Girl (2003) at the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) 2024. Before that, her name was trending when ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema and GMA Pictures announced that Bernardo’s movie with Alden Richards, Hello, Love, Again—a sequel to the hit film Hello, Love, Goodbye—will be released in November this year. It’s a testament to how Bernardo has evolved as an artist, who picks her projects and partnerships with much intention and thought. 

It’s also why endorsements haven’t stopped coming in for years. Brands know that when Bernardo endorses them, she will live by their values. And this is why Ideal Vision Center, which has provided optical retailing since 1986, has had the actress in their family for years. 

Ideal Vision Centers says, “She has the eye for excellence, as shown by the choices she has made over the course of her career. She looks at the world as a glass half full, and embraces every moment as an opportunity to do better. She sees beauty in all its dimensions, and knows how to nurture it inside and out.” 

Ideal Vision Center says it is Bernardo’s clear vision for herself, career, community, and family that makes her the ideal ambassador. 

For more information, visit @idealvision on Instagram, or

Kylie Verzosa

Kylie Verzosa for Snoozy

A smart, charming business management graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, Kylie Verzosa has been winning movie, TV, and endorsement contracts since she won Miss International in 2016. But more than her striking face, it’s Verzosa’s ability to voice out eloquently her advocacies concerning mental health and overall well being that makes her stand out. Verzosa even created an online support group called Mental Health Matters, which aims to uplift people experiencing mental health problems. It is for this reason, and much more, that brands that put wellness on top of mind partner with Verzosa. 

One such brand is Snoozy, which works toward skincare essentials and sleep wellness. According to the brand, “Kylie’s radiant beauty and authentic charm perfectly aligned with Snoozy’s values. Her commitment to her well-being and taking proper care of her skin to look her best, resonated deeply with the brand.

Snoozy’s pillowcases are premium silk with silver ion technology, which eliminates 99.7% of all bacteria, preventing breakouts and bad skin. They offer everything silk, from pillowcases to sleep masks and scrunchies.

The brand says, “Together [with Verzosa], we aim to promote the benefits of sleeping on silk and stopping bad skin days at the source. Creating an effective and easy solution to really make a difference, that could complement your existing skincare routine.”

For more information, visit @snoozyph on Instagram, or

Gabbi Garcia

Gabbie Garcia for Pantene

If her latest hosting skills in the recently held Miss Universe Philippines is any indication of her status, Gabbi Garcia can light up any stage she’s on. The actress, endorser, singer, host, and successful content creator has been in front of the camera since she was a teenager—starting with commercials. Her rise to fame has been indomitable since. In 2024, she made the rounds in social media and news outlets again when she co-starred in the popular TV series Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre, where she radiated beside equally beautiful actresses

What’s most admirable about Garcia, though, is that she’s constantly trying to expand her platforms, pushing herself to grow beyond her comfort zones—her Youtube channel alone has 1.35 million subscribers (as of press time). She has also been hailed by fans and audience alike for embracing her natural beauty and being proud of morena skin, her toned physique, and her voluminous, dark hair. 

It’s fitting then that one of the biggest hair care brands, Pantene, got Garcia as their ambassador. Pantene—whose mission is to “give everyone more great hair days to make them feel empowered to take on the world”—has expressed their admiration for the multi-hyphenate.

“Pantene partners with strong and beautiful people like Gabbi Garcia as they embody someone that is in the pursuit of ever better. She is motivated by progress and has a clear vision of where she wants to go. She always aims to transform, develop, and learn new things, which is in line with Pantene’s mission over the years.”

Garcia uses Pantene Supplement Conditioner, which contains pro-vitamins that help treat and nourish her hair from root to tip for strong and beautiful looking hair.

For more information, visit @pantenephilippines on Instagram, or ​​

Andrea Brilliantes

Andrea Brillantes for Head and Shoulders

Andrea Brillantes has 14.1 million followers on Instagram alone. Her pretty face can be seen along several of the most seen billboards in the metro. Everything she does gets recorded on social media. But Brillantes, only in her early 20s, can be considered a master in the art of traversing showbiz land. She began to appear in front of the camera at 7 years old, and now, she has several projects, and endorsements, on her list of accomplishments—and it doesn’t look like she’s stopping anytime soon. Apart from her unique beauty and alluring smile, it is Brillantes’s confidence and determination in going through the unpredictable world of celebrity that makes her a star. That last name is there for a reason. 

Joshua Garcia

Joshua Garcia for Head and Shoulders

Who could forget that first Joshua Garcia Tiktok video that broke the internet? With several successful TV shows and endorsements under his belt, Garcia has been touted as one of his generation’s top leading men—and “Tiktok’s boyfriend.” His overall charisma and appeal may have something to do with his captivating personality, his height, his smile, and the way he dances, but more than that, Garcia has proven himself capable of acting alongside some of the biggest names in his field. 

These attributes prompted international shampoo brand Head & Shoulders to combine the power of Brillantes and Garcia into one campaign. Both celebrities are able to serve as inspiration to everyone to chase after their goals and exude confidence in everything that they do; to know who they really are and own their unique personalities.

For more information, visit @headandshouldersph on Instagram, or

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