MEGA Global Licensing Inc. Names Rhoda Campos-Aldanese As Its COO

MEGA Global Licensing Inc. Names Rhoda Campos-Aldanese As Its COO


Mega Global Licensing, Inc., the company behind Vogue Philippines and Nylon Manila, names luxury virtuoso and entrepreneur as its new chief operating officer.

After more than two decades of working with luxury brands all over the world, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese will take on the role of expanding and growing the Mega Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI) brand in the country and in the international arena.

MGLI Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco says of the new chief operating officer (COO), “I have no doubt she is the right chief that will expand MGLI’s business portfolio to reignite Philippine media.”

Luxury virtuoso

The luxury scene has been Campos-Aldanese’s playground for a long time. In fact, the entrepreneur brought many of the high-end beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands in the country, before people had been made aware of them.

She began her career managing menswear brands and developing fashion and activewear labels for teens. Eventually, she explored the world of beauty and jewelry. The brands she had worked with include Chanel, Dior, Clarins, Estée Lauder, La Prairie, Lancôme, Montblanc, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Lanvin, and Christian Louboutin, to name a few. 

That long list of accomplishments isn’t much of a surprise in her circle. Those who know the stylish businesswoman can attest to her negotiating prowess, and the way she is constantly spotting the next-big-thing. With her experience, she can swiftly build relationships with brands that create a huge impact on the industry.

Her other gift is bringing local industries to the global stage. Always moving with a higher purpose, Campos-Aldanese also discovers and supports local talents and entrepreneurs. In 2019, she co-founded an e-commerce platform for beauty and wellness products made from locally sourced materials. The venture is one of her initiatives that aim to support Philippine agriculture.

Love, compassion, and helping the less fortunate

As the COO, Campos-Aldanese will oversee and carefully assess international media titles, ensuring their value in the market. “There is a need for a radical approach toward excellence in editorial to make sure it is tuned into the sensibilities and needs of the readers, and it provides the right and relevant information,” Campos-Aldanese says. “Each publication should set a tone of professionalism throughout its pages.”

Under her leadership, the company is looking at long-term circulation-driven strategies to ensure a steady and growing readership base. She will also help revamp the landscape by pushing for the right values, a positive outlook, and a kinder attitude in the pages of the magazines.

She says, “The currency now includes love, compassion, and helping the less fortunate.”

In line with those values, Campos-Aldanese hopes to stay connected and empower the next generation, as she fills the gap between print and digital media. By scouring the space of alternative fashion, entertainment, music, and pop culture through Nylon Manila, and by writing about topics that are forward-looking and inspiring through Vogue Philippines, MGLI will spark discussions that connect with the new generation.

Campos-Aldanese’s thoughts on leadership certainly aligns with her new role at MGLI:

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