MEGA Holiday Gift Guide 2020 to Fashionable Gifts

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide 2020 to Fashionable Gifts


When it comes to fashionable gifts, look no further than the MEGAstyle editors.

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This team knows how to take the riskiest trends, the most out-there fashion, and turn them into things we all want to wear and gift. So if you’re still having second thoughts about the latest crazes, let these fierce fashionistas guide you.


Jeb Fronda, MEGAstyle Editor-in-Chief

Black has always been my go-to color ever ever since I can remember. When I was a chubby kid I knew that black would definitely hide the parts that I didnt like. Now that Im older and not caring too much about how my body looks, black would always make for a chic statement. Dont get me wrong, I still love me some color but with the lazier days created by staying at home, facing a computer all day for Zoom calls, the easiest way to look presentable and elevated is through the color black.

1 30Montaigne Square sunglasses by DIOR. 2 Climax Extreme Mascara by DIOR. 3 Black cutout embellished tailored dress by DAVID KOMA at MYTHERESE. 4 Ankle strap pumps by VERSACE. 5 Black leather Hammock bag by LOEWE.

The versatility of the color is also something to be excited about. Want to look sexy? Wear it in sheer and lace. Powerful? Choose tailored pieces. Easy and carefree? Pick up some co-ord knits. With everything thats happening in the world, sometimes we just want an easy way to look put together as quick as possible, and my answer would always and forever be the darkest shade of black. 

6 Diamond gold chain bracelet by TESSERA. 7 Leather boot-cut trousers by GUCCI. 8 For Her fragrance by NARCISO RODRIGUEZ. 9 Park Seo Joon x BYS Beauty Kit. 10 Black waist bag by ADIDAS. 11 Ribbed knit sweater by BOTTEGA VENETA.


Mika Reyes, Beauty & Features Writer

I didn’t choose white because it’s my favorite color. I chose white because it’s timeless, effortless, and my favorite color. Going in to quarantine, we didn’t expect the amount of time we’d be spending at home.

MEGAStyle 2020 Gift Guide
1 Protective wear by HOUSE OF LAUREL. 2 Medium tote bag by TELFAR. 3 Air Jordan mids by NIKE. 4 Silver cuffs by PENNY PARIS. 5 Moonstone eyeliner by BYS. 6 Body suit by PATT ON.

Somehow, our whole lives were shifted indoors. In the process, I found that the color white has been my go-to for all my indoors meetings, whether they be personal or professional. Additionally, many brands have played with white throughout the year 2020. Truly, the basic shade has become more than just a fashion staple. It has become the symbol of a clean slate—a fresh start to creativity.

MEGAStyle 2020 Gift Guide
7 Distancia Amigo! graphic shirt by RANDOLF CLOTHING. 8 Park Seo Joon X BYS Beauty Kit. 9 Le Club top Ivory by ORSEUND IRIS. 10 Face mask by PROUDRACE. 11 Joggers by ADIDAS


Brie Ventura, Multimedia Artist

I’ve always believed that fashion is cyclical. As a self-confessed hopeless romantic, waiting for the revival of period staples has never been this prosaic. Now that some of us have an appetite for vintage shopping, the long wait has finally come to an end. But what’s in a name?

From brocades to luxe jackets, ruffled lace bibs to satin silhouettes and far more, Victorian-inspired style exudes a dreamy distinction. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, as Juliet likes to say. No other era style-wise lends itself to a more dramatic finish, thanks its intricate laces and crushed velvets that give you that thespian look. Anyone searching for a striking old world look should turn to the Victorian era for sartorial inspiration. 

MEGAStyle 2020 Gift Guide
1 Ruffle-trimmed paisley-print blouse by ETRO. 2 Tassel-embellished woven clutch by THE VAMPIRE’S WIFE. 3 Barbara in Tan Rose by NARS. 4 White 65 two-tone leather boots by ALEXANDER McQUEEN. 5 Carved agate Robyn cameo ring by JACQUIE AICHE. 6 Bell bottom trousers in faux leather by ELISABETTA FRANCHI.

This is your sweet sonnet personified—the modern Romeo and Juliet you and every romantic ought to be (tragedy not included).

MEGAStyle 2020 Gift Guide
7 Gothic Victorian long sleeve corset blouse by SCARLET DARKNESS. 8 No.5 by CHANEL. 9. Tweed bustier top by GUCCI. 10. The Tutor by ANDREA CHAPIN. 11 Fabric satin lace ribbon bow-tie brooch pin by TOPAZ.


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