MEGA Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Cult-Favorites You Have To Have

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Cult-Favorites You Have To Have


A gift guide to the cult-favorite beauty products and iconic fashion pieces that are guaranteed to be on everyone’s Christmas wish list.

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Trina Epilepsia Boutain, Managing Editor 

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s been a tough year, so go ahead and indulge. When it comes to giving gifts, whether to one’s self or to loved ones, cult favorites are almost guaranteed to spark joy. And while we’re at it, go big—whether it’s a bold-faced brand or, literally, in size. There’s no way they’re going to re-gift it like last year’s fruitcake. 

1. DIPTYQUE Candles

Set the mood right with any of these limited edition candles 

2. GUCCI Loafers

Go ahead and google it—you’ll know why we’re lusting after these flats.

3. DIOR J’adore Perfume

This iconic scent comes in this beautiful limited edition holiday gifting print

4. AVIGNON Clinic Gift Cards

Why wait for the New Year? Give your face body the love it deserves with one of the country’s best aesthetic clinics.


In a sea of beauty options, these editor-approved goodies in trial and full-sized editions can point you in the right direction.

6. DIOR Lady Dior

If you’re going to spend serious money on a bag, then this classic, royalty-approved one is the way to go.

7. NÉW LOUNGE Mobile Service

The best lashes in the business. This is how Heart Evangelista rolls—so we’re all following suit.

8. CHANEL Beauty

The brand’s holiday beauty collection is always highly anticipated in the makeup community.


 Mia Castro, Beauty & Features Writer

From the iconic outfit montage in Devil Wears Prada to Audrey Hepburn’s staple full brows and feline flick, the designer items they would wear and the makeup products they would put on are still things I covet today and list down on my Christmas wish list–and I’m sure most of us still do. These are the gifts many would stare at by the shop window or the R&R treatments that they think only celebrities can experience. So, this season, go ahead and make their Christmas wishes come true with these cult-favorites gift guide that can make anyone feel like their icon. 

1. FENDI Sheepskin Baguette Bag

We all dreamed of having Carrie Bradshaw’s cerulean blue wardrobe filled with endless designer items–one of which the Fendi Baguette Bag that all generations of today are now loving

2. DIOR Rouge 999

The reason why this 999 shade by Dior has made its way to every “Best Red Lipstick of All Time” list? It’s because it’s the perfect red that matches with every skin tone appearing on the lips of models on runways and beauty editors on the street


Everybody wants that angel goddess glow and Kora Organics which is founded by supermodel Miranda Kerr is making it possible to achieve with this facial oil 

4. CHANEL No. 5

Ever since Marilyn Monroe revealed that she only wears drops of the Chanel No. 5 perfume to bed, our nightly routines forever changed

5. PRADA Monolith Boots

Scroll through Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and even Nadine Lustre’s Instagram and you’ll find them rocking these fashion-forward chunky leather boots

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