MEGA Lookbook: How to Make Boxer Shorts Look Good Outside the House

MEGA Lookbook: How to Make Boxer Shorts Look Good Outside the House


Life’s too short for boring bottoms. It’s another no-pants trend, one that circulates being in the ring or room, and then outside of it with sophistication. Here’s how you can style boxer shorts

Fashion trends come and go, but underwear is forever. The latest craze of wearing underwear as outerwear is here to stay, at least for a while, and boxing shorts are the local take that encompasses this viewpoint with their animated patterns, relaxed fit, and luxurious fabric. Boxer shorts are stepping out of the bedroom and into the spotlight, ready to punch up your wardrobe and give your closet a one-two combo of fresh and daring. Here’s a guide on how to rock boxer shorts with sophistication and just the right amount of cheekiness.

Anne Curtis

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The Bedroom-Athletic Aesthetic

DO: Boxing shorts are the peacocks of the underpants world—vibrant, eye-catching, and unapologetically bold. Think neon greens, fiery reds, and patterns so wild they make a leopard look like it’s wearing khakis. Embrace the chaos, maintain your confidence, and let your shorts do the talking. After all, life’s too short for boring bottoms.

Avoid pairing any athletic gear or too everyday pieces when pairing boxer shorts

DON’T: Just don’t be overconfident. Yes, boxing shorts can look sporty and casual, but you’re not heading to a sparring session. Avoid pairing them with other athletic gear like tank tops or running shoes. The goal is to look like you’re fashion-forward, not gym-bound. You’re styling an outfit, not prepping for a workout montage.

Balancing the Fit

DO: Balance is key when styling boxer shorts. They may exude a sporty vibe, but don’t let them call all the shots. Pair them with a crisp white button-down, a chic off-the-shoulder blouse, or even a sleek blazer. It’s like bringing a boxer to a black-tie affair—a delightful twist that turns heads without breaking a sweat.

Consider a chic top with chunky jewelry as boxer shorts are considered a casual look

DON’T: Fit is everything. Too baggy, and you’re swimming in fabric; too tight, and you’re in danger of becoming a cautionary tale. Aim for a Goldilocks fit: just right. And watch the length. Shorts that are too short can look more like you forgot your pants at home, while too long can veer into sloppy territory.

The Right Punches

DO: Accessories can make or break an outfit, especially when dealing with unconventional pieces like boxing shorts. Go for minimalist jewelry, a chic handbag, or a pair of trendy sunglasses. Footwear should be chosen with care: think sleek sneakers, classy loafers, or even strappy sandals. These additions can tie your look together and add a touch of refinement to the sporty base.

A luxe material on boxer shorts can elevate the look, including adding a shiny handbag

DON’T: When showcasing a significant amount of leg, grooming is essential. Smooth, well-moisturized skin can make a big difference in how the outfit is perceived. Consider using a subtle shimmer lotion to add a touch of glow to your legs. This attention to detail can elevate your appearance and ensure you look polished and put-together.

Maris Racal

With boxer shorts as your ringside champs, the no-pants trend becomes a championship bout of fancy footwork, where every outfit is a victory lap and every step a knockout blow. Like a one-two combo, they jab at monotony and hook onto convention, unleashing a flurry of finesse that leaves onlookers reeling. Allow yourself to deliver a knockout punch that hits casual with class.

Featured Image: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

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