MEGA Man to Watch: Diego Gutierrez on Almost Going Global For His Music and Future Plans

MEGA Man to Watch: Diego Gutierrez on Almost Going Global For His Music and Future Plans


Diego Gutierrez shares the details of his musical journey, reflecting on a missed opportunity with an international label and conveying the connection he has with music at this moment in his life

Last but certainly not least on this year’s MEGA Man to Watch is none other than Diego Gutierrez, the son of Lotlot De Leon and Ramon Christopher Gutierrez. When he first stepped onto the shoot’s scene, you might mistake him for a reserved guy, just chilling in a corner, flashing a casual smile, and waiting for his turn in front of the camera. However, as we chatted with Gutierrez, we uncovered a lively, charming gentleman. Gutierrez, it turns out, is more than meets the eye—a man unafraid to switch things up and keep growing beyond his comfort zone.

“I have always loved basketball,” he promptly shares when asked about his childhood passion. After completing his studies in integrated marketing at the University of Asia and the Pacific, his love for the game led him to the professional basketball arena. From scoring for the Quezon City Defenders in the National Basketball League to making moves with Imus Bandera in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, it seemed like the court held a bright future for him. Yet, despite still enjoying the game today, he expresses that he seeks a different rhythm in his pursuits.

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Dunking to a different beat

Diego Gutierrez takes a shot at music after his basketball days
Diego Gutierrez takes a shot at music after his basketball days

The former professional athlete revealed that in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, he had the opportunity to delve deeper into a different passion of his: music. “I have always loved music, ever since I was a kid,” he admits. He also mentions that while he genuinely enjoyed his run in professional basketball, one day, a sudden thought hit him: “Why haven’t I taken music seriously?” Surrounded by applause from loved ones who have recognized his musical prowess, Gutierrez says he’s ready to get going on a new score.

When asked about his musical style, Gutierrez keeps it real, saying it’s a blend of everything from pop to R&B and all that falls in between. He tips his hat to artists like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendez, John Mayer, and The 1975 as some of his influences. Taking a trip down memory lane, he reminisces about his college days when he penned his first song, “On a Dream.”  Despite the growth in his musical journey, that initial track, according to the singer, still hits a special note for him, especially since he composed it with a friend from way back in grade school.

Almost across borders

The 26-year-old shares that his deal with Hitmakers Entertainment didn't play out due to the pandemic.
The 26-year-old shares that his deal with Hitmakers Entertainment didn’t play out due to the pandemic

Our chat took a surprise turn into international waters as he opened up about his career in music. In 2019, before getting serious about his tunes during the pandemic, he revealed that he actually inked a deal with Hitmakers Entertainment, a small indie label in Los Angeles. Grateful for the chance, even before he considered himself a serious musician, the said international label spotted his potential and whisked him off to the U.S. to record some songs. Yet, when he returned to the Philippines, all set to drop his album, the pandemic threw a wrench into his plans. Despite a tinge of sadness for the missed opportunity, Gutierrez, with a bit of grit, assures us that even though he’s technically not affiliated with the label anymore, he’s still tight with them and keeps the door open for those unreleased tracks. Regardless of the setback, his musical hustle continues, navigating through challenges like the seasoned player that he is. 

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Despite his global plans not working out, he's finding sweet inspiration to dive deeper into music

Despite his global plans not working out, he’s finding sweet inspiration to dive deeper into music

Star-studded support

In his pursuits, whether he’s dribbling on the court or playing a chord, Gutierrez credits his family for always having his back. “Ever since I was a kid, my parents would just tell me to go for what I wanted to do,” he shares. He also beams while talking about his three sisters, whom he calls his ultimate cheerleaders, both on and off the court. “Every time they watch me, sila talaga ‘yung mga pinakamalakas sumigaw,” Gutierrez adds with a grin. When it comes to his music, he mentions that his grandmother, Pilita Corales, is his silent but significant supporter. With just a simple smile, she instantly makes him feel like an accomplished artist every time he shows her his new songs and music videos. For those nerve-wracking pre-performance moments, he shares that he turns to his sister, Janine Gutierrez, for advice and a confidence boost. According to him, Janine would always say, “They could have asked so many other people to sing there but they chose you.”

The up-and-coming artist expresses his gratitude for a supportive family
The up-and-coming artist expresses his gratitude for a supportive family

The next verse

“I just want more people to hear the music I make.”

Diego Gutierrez shares his big music goal for the year ahead

Finishing off our chat with a genuine commitment, Gutierrez reveals that 2024 is all about cranking up the volume on his sound. “I just want to be able to put out more music, more consistently,” he affirms. Last year was a melody-making journey, penning tracks and scouting for labels. Now, in this new groove of his career, he’s working hard to unleash all his compositions and eventually release his debut album. To top it all off, he drops hints that his listeners can expect a new song from him by saying, “So, may inaayos na. Malapit na.” He also gives a big thanks to his fans who stayed in the game, supporting him even when he couldn’t drop a song last year. “It is very humbling and flattering that people still listen to my music,” he adds. With this steadfast determination, a fearless spirit for trying out new sounds, and most importantly, staying grounded, Diego Gutierrez seals the finale of our MEGA Man to Watch series this year, proving that he is definitely one to keep an eye on. 

Diego Gutierrez discusses the major musical dreams he aims to reach.
Diego Gutierrez discusses the major musical dreams he aims to reach

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