MEGA Pinoy Pride Over 10 Years: Who Made The List And Why Does It Still Matter?

MEGA Pinoy Pride Over 10 Years: Who Made The List And Why Does It Still Matter?


This is 10 years of excellence and dominance, attributes and skills unparalleled and unrivalled. Has it already been that long? Well, there’s a lot more Pinoy pride to look forward to, so here’s to a decade and more.

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A decade ago to this day, the Pinoy Pride celebration of MEGA was conceived. A meeting of two brilliant minds, our late founding editor, Sari V. Yap, and Tim Yap, this cornerstone endeavor of the magazine was meant to naturally celebrate all things Filipino in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Leaping from the pages to decadent ballrooms, the Pinoy Pride Ball was fashioned to celebrate a coming together in the name of national independence. This meant everything from jaw-dropping fashion, delectable Filipino cuisine, and a spirit of kinship that only we know how to pull off.

While the first Pinoy Pride of MEGA technically made its decadently decorated debut in 2010 with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid on the cover rocking a statement-making high-low mix of Filipino retail and couture, it wasn’t until 2012 when the first Pinoy Pride awards were conceived. In this shimmering and sparkling affair, the Pinoy Pride Ball played host to the conferment of nationalistic distinction, shining light on those worthy and most deserving of the defining word, pride.


This is 10 years of excellence and dominance, attributes and skills unparalleled and unrivalled. Has it already been that long? Well, there’s a lot more Pinoy pride to look forward to, so here’s to a decade and more.


2012: 20 Global Pinoys

Everything in the Philippines is a popularity contest—or so we’re often told. Not if you look at this list of 20 Global Pinoys. Popularity is not their end-goal. All of them had to go against great odds and emerged more compassionate, worldly, and also more rooted to the Philippines.

In selecting people for this year’s list, our biggest problem was how to fit in so many accomplished names. It was a good problem, and thus, we can confidently say thatwhen you turn the page, you are seeing the first of a new tradition in our June Pinoy Pride Issue. Their work is rewarding and empowerin. A peso saved can turn into a million in the future. For these individuals, being Filipino is not so much a birthright, it is a responsibility, each of them continues to have genuine infleunece and real success and this does not necessarily mean having a million followers on Twitter. While the Philippines is known for supplying hard-working people to the world, with these 20 names on our list, it’s evident supplying world-class talent, business acumen, and social enterprise can be found at home, too. They prove that having global ambition doesn’t require uprooting, their eyes may be trained on the world, but can be found at home, too.

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2013: Global Pinoy and Pinoy 2.0

This year’s compelling list of Filipino men and women go two ways, a first for the magazine’s tradition. Here, we narrowed down our selection between the requisite global Pinoys, or countrymen waving the flag high and proud on distant shores, and then the new category, Pinoy 2.0, a segment that highlights local stalwarts who have taken their talents and skills abroad and have flourished, only to bring them back here to thrive even more. This new breed of Filipino standouts illustrates the movements that make this country even more prolific, proving that while talent cannot be contained, it can surely make waves everywhere the tides turn.

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2014: Pinoy Pride

Meet this year’s compelling roster of remarkable Filipinos, from a critically acclaimed Film director to an international fashion photographer, a reality star turned chief-of-staff of an Asian airline to a journalist with a global perspective and more.

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2015: The New PH

The success of any country isn’t measured in spreadsheets alone. Observing the cultural and artistic movements, here are some of the individuals who made a difference in our lives. This would also mark the year we introduced the enduring banner statement and call for the new PH. As encompassing as it sounds, it is most indicative of our persistent and passionate commitment to make this country the best it can be in every bit of capacity we can muster as individuals and as a community.

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2016: The New PH: Unite

While it may appear to be a lofty word, it was but a necessary one to append to our vision of a better Philippines. With a roster of game-changing and global Filipinos, from singing powerhouses to world-class act and stalwarts of social good, this was a truly high-octane year that gave a voice to this movement.

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2017: The New PH: Influence

From the vivid spectrum of this generation comes a diverse and distinct set of characters from all slices of life that give a more realized, more affective and more genuine definition to the oft-convoluted word of influence. Diverse, distinct and deserving, this is #TheNewPH.

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2018: The Game Changers

Pride is many things: It is that crowning jewel against a backdrop of glittering achievements; It is an acknowledgment of one’s merits on a landscape much more expansive than one can even begin to imagine; It is also standing up with self-assurance and humility in skill, patronage and advocacy. Most importantly, pride is exacting and inspiring change from whatever effort you set your heart, mind and soul to. A rousing coming together of different worlds, this year’s #TheNewPH selection makes one thing very clear: The Filipino pride is a true force to be reckoned with.

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2019: Honorable Mention

No strangers to the global stage, these modern day Filipino heroes step further into the light, displaying undeniable talent and tenacity to thrive in their respective fields, proving to the rest of the world that more than swelling sources of pride, they are true forces to be reckoned with.

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Scouring many victories, milestones, and industries, this year’s crop of #NewPH awardees are changing the future of the Filipino one inspiring effort at a time. With a resolve to strengthen our digital platform, we breathed new life to this tradition by executing in online, featuring a distinct, dynamic, and diverse group of inviduals who life out their true pride for us to be inspired by even after the festivities settle to a normal.

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