A MEGA Take On The #10YearChallenge With Our Cover Stars

A MEGA Take On The #10YearChallenge With Our Cover Stars


It’s undeniable that the #10YearChallenge is steadily gaining momentum on all of our social media feeds. The trending challenge wherein people post a throwback photo of theirs from 10 years ago vis-a-vis their current—and of course, best—self is a sure fire way of showcasing one’s apparent glow up. Here at MEGA we couldn’t help but look back at our iconic cover stars over the years, especially those who have had cover shoots that were ten years apart.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve got a handful of cover stories that meet the said 10-year criteria. From a legendary songstress that continues to captivate to a truly mega superstar, take a look at the stars and their iconic MEGA covers.


Holding the record for having the most MEGA covers, it came as no surprise that Anne had two cover shoots that had a 10-year difference. For her 2008 cover shoot, Anne effortlessly lent seductive energy to a structured black gown. Fast forward to 2018 to when Anne donned the best of the ’90s style still with that fiercely alluring stare.


Anne Curtis MEGA Cover 2008


Anne Curtis MEGA Cover 2018


Before Asia’s Songbird added a hyphen to her last name, Regine has been gracing the covers of MEGA Magazine. Back in August 2003, Regine channeled the style du jour in the early noughties. 10 years later in June of 2013, juxtaposing an electric blue structured blazer with metallic drapery, Regine is an image of power fitting of our Pinoy Pride issue.

Regine Velasquez MEGA Cover 2003


Regine Velasquez MEGA Cover 2013


A fresh-faced Maja Salvador fronted our 10 Most Beautiful issue back in June 2007, all dressed in summer-ready separates. Then in December 2017, the actress, singer, and dancer daringly channeled iconic villains in a seductive selection of designer pieces.

Maha Salvador MEGA Cover 2007


Maja Salvador MEGA Cover 2017


As the one and only Megastar hit the milestone of 25 years in the show business industry, Sharon Cuneta fittingly chose to celebrate her silver success with a MEGA cover shoot in 2002. Sharon would then again grace a milestone MEGA cover in 2012—celebrating our 20th anniversary in a print-on-print extravaganza.

Sharon Cuneta MEGA Cover 2002


Sharon Cuneta MEGA Cover 2012



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