MEGA: The Next Move’s Third Episode Features Filipino Designer Francis Libiran

MEGA: The Next Move’s Third Episode Features Filipino Designer Francis Libiran


The third episode of MEGA: The Next Move brings forth the journey of fashion designer Francis Libiran, where he reveals his beginnings, his passion, and his next move after being in the industry for 25 years

What’s next for a designer celebrating his silver anniversary? Francis Libiran has graced some of the most illustrious red carpets, weddings, pageants, and fashion shows globally. Recently, he celebrated his 25th year with a milestone show aptly titled “Sterling,” with the theme of the Phoenix, a mythical bird that symbolizes resilience and the constant rise above expectations. In this third episode of MEGA: The Next Move, the designer reveals the story of his beginnings, exposes the flame of his passion, and discloses the steps of his next move. 

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Here is a sneak peek for the upcoming episode. 

Francis Libiran's Draws His Design Story in MEGA: The Next Move
Francis Libiran celebrates his silver milestone

A child’s artistic awakening

Libiran always wanted to be in fashion, and this realization dawned on him at eight years old. “I remember being in the classroom—my mind’s so creative—I wasn’t paying attention to the teachers,” he shares. “It’s so creative that there’s animation going on in my head, [like] I need to draw it on paper.”

His gaze, holding with an almost adhesive intensity, remained fixed on a television screen where the commentary of designs in red carpet events blasted forth with creative energy. Magazines then became his sacred texts—each page turned, a revelation; each scent, the aroma of inspiration. 

Francis Libiran's Draws His Design Story in MEGA: The Next Move
The designer has always had a imaginative mind
A room with a view helps his creativity

The all-encompassing visual appeal evolved into a thorough fusion of components, wherein each aspect shaped his design philosophy. In the overall appearance, accessories, and materials, every element contributed to his creative vision.

Energizing the creative mind

Libiran channels his vital fuel through a meditative ritual in a serene space, where a beautiful view, a hushed room, the scent of paper, and a freshly sharpened pencil are cues to ignite his creative prowess. Even amid the daily hustle, creativity ceaselessly whirls like a carousel where the rider finds pleasure in its circulatory yet productive routine. The designer persists until his designs are steeped in satisfaction.

Francis Libiran is now a global name

Blueprints of ambition

Before fashion, Libiran’s parents harbored hopes for him to venture into the medical field, yet the designer couldn’t envision himself donning the pristine white coat. The nearest alternative within the creative spectrum, parallel to fashion, was architecture—an option that found approval in his father’s eyes. 

Nevertheless, Libiran intended to go solo once he completed his architectural journey. He asserts that architecture bestowed upon him the discipline necessary to propel his abilities into fashion design, from conceptualization to laying the groundwork for impeccable creations.

Francis Libiran reveals his next move with MEGA Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro

25 years later, Francis Libiran is now one of the most familiar and sought-after names in fashion. This experience underscores the profound sagacity in placing trust in one’s keen instincts, strong intuition, and steadfast passion, as they consistently navigate towards unparalleled and remarkable destinations. With almost everything that can be achieved, what will the designer do now? This will be revealed on MEGA: The Next Move.

Photos: FRANCIS LIBIRAN (via Instagram)

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