MEGA Women Takeover: Bambi Del Rosario Young is Giving What Women Want in Beauty and Wellness

MEGA Women Takeover: Bambi Del Rosario Young is Giving What Women Want in Beauty and Wellness


In the fast-paced world today, women like Bambi Del Rosario Young know that the secret to success is doing a lot—and that includes uplifting fellow women

The perception of beauty, to many, is still connoted to superficiality. For others, the concentration to outward and physical beauty is merely vanity. But women, who know real beauty, would beg to disagree. It is looking good rooted on skin deep confidence and assurance on one’s own skills and capabilities. Just by the fact that the concept is ruled by the goddess Venus, women define, change, and forward ideals and practices in the realm of beauty. In today’s world, Bambi Del Rosario Young is the face of beauty found in taking charge of one’s health and work. As the multifaceted entrepreneur gave MEGA a closer look on her wellness-focused venture, she shares her take on why this journey is not just for herself, but also for other women. 

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Starting With a Smart Choice

According to Del Rosario-Young, the pandemic fueled her perceptive take on business. “I was very interested in biohacking. We were doing things at home—sauna, natural sunshine, intermittent fasting; but a big part of it was drinking supplements. One of those was collagen,” she shares. “Since I was drinking a lot at that time, I was trying to minimize what I was taking while making sure that I had the correct dosage that I needed. That’s how Smarter Dose came about.”

Exploring her craft throughout the years, Bambi turns to health—beauty and wellness in particular—this time around

The Korean-manufactured supplement is a combination of five ingredients that targets one’s healthier change from inside to out—marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, rice ceramide, vitamin C, and the FOS prebiotic. To some, the product can easily be classified under the beauty section. But for Bambi, beauty has a bigger purpose—it coincides with wellness. 

“We might be construed as a beauty brand, but in the future, we want to align Smarter Dose as a wellness brand. These supplements were made to cater to the needs of women in the current society,” the businesswoman affirms.

The Bigger Impact of Choosing

There is no denying that if women have been demanded so much then, they are also expected to so much more now, as the definition and understanding of feminism are wider than ever. Consequently, we all feel like we need to do more to measure our worth. But as the saying goes, one can only give what they have. The Smarter Dose proponent, then, took this into consideration in choosing what she wanted to invest on, and it’s in uplifting women. 

For the multifaceted woman, health should be a top priority for her constant move

“We’ve been getting repeat orders already from people who said that their skin is glowing, and their bowel movements have regulated. They feel better to take on their day because of their healthier gut. Apart from that, due to the high dosage of collagen and hyaluronic acid, they feel that their joints are also improving,” she notes.

A Woman’s Doing

For Bambi, having a female-dominated beauty industry in the Philippines is a blessing that she found herself choosing and doing. “It is easy [for me] because it is fit for women. I’m blessed that the industry I chose—beauty and wellness—is led by women themselves.”

For Bambi Del Rosario Young, living up to one’s best potential is anchored in trying one’s passions

With all the responsibilities that she fulfills in her personal and professional life, Del Rosario-Young stresses the importance of balance to keep giving more for others. “I need to manage myself for the time I have as a mom, as a wife, and as an entrepreneur of another business.”

And as a woman of her own word, this is the belief that she teaches and practices for herself and others. “Being an empowered woman means living up to one’s best potential, whatever that may be,” Bambi states. “I believe every person has their own gift, their own strengths, and when they use that, it becomes empowerment.”

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