MEGA Women Takeover: Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa Promotes Self-Love and Confidence Through Cosmetic Surgery

MEGA Women Takeover: Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa Promotes Self-Love and Confidence Through Cosmetic Surgery


Several trailblazers have made a permanent impression in the beauty industry. Among them is Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa of RPS Aesthetics

The beauty industry is going through a positive, female-empowered renaissance—and Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa is one of the transformational innovators who built her empire with her own hands. As one of MEGA’s Power Women, Dr. Ruthlyn is propelling the beauty landscape into greater heights, having grown her business at an impressive pace. Her pursuit of beauty, at its core, lies in acknowledging the essential role it plays in enabling people to lead and live better lives.

MEGA Women taking over the beauty industry


Working the Magic for Beauty and Confidence

“RPS Aesthetics is a brand born out of pure love and dedication to enhancing beauty, promoting self-love, and radiating confidence,” Dr. Ruthlyn tells MEGA. “This is my way to fulfill my ultimate dream of making people around me confident with themselves.”

The beauty industry is indeed a springboard, always, for something greater. While it is still a business and often seen as trivial, cosmetic surgery is incredibly personal. In an interesting time of surgery aesthetics where there is a growing demand and a preponderance of celebrities being transparent about the enhancements and implants done, RPS Aesthetics aims to feed that growing desire for a more confident and self-assured beauty. “I am the kind of person who sees the beauty in others, so it’s in my nature to bring that out and help them achieve their desired physique,” Dr. Ruthlyn continues. “The happiness I feel when my patients are satisfied with the results keeps me going and wanting to improve my craft further.”

Dr. Ruthlyn is jolting a sleepy beauty industry awake by upping the game: Removing the stigma around facial plastic surgery and stratospherically elevating a person’s overall sense of happiness.

A Leader’s Perspective—Both at Home and in Business

MEGA Women Takeover Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa RPS Aesthetics
Dr. Ruthlyn’s skilled and nuanced understanding of beauty through cosmetic procedures is the cornerstone of RPS Aesthetics

Aside from leading the game as an ENT-facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ruthlyn also maintains a balance between her flourishing medical and cosmetic practice and parenthood. Working in that delicate line is a perspective women who both lead the home and lead the business understand. The heart, the sensitivity, discernment, and empathy a female leader naturally possesses do not affect the caliber of their work or creations. In fact, these mold and nurture the quality of service supplied—especially when armed with the skills and talent of an expert in her field.

“I don’t see it [work] as something that’s pulling me down,” she declares. “During surgeries, I feel more relaxed and I feel I am exhibiting my creativity. However, I also do need to be physically and emotionally present for my baby as a new mom. Aside from my main branch, I have other clinics I’m managing as well. It’s not easy to do all these things, but I’m doing what I love. The key to balancing everything is just to take a break sometimes.”

Homemaker, business leader, and trailblazer, Dr. Ruthlyn’s devotion to her profession and patients become a vital force in changing the beauty landscape led by women. It does not come without certain drawbacks, though. At a time while she was giving birth, the plastic surgeon tells MEGA that family became a priority. This meant that her career had to take a back seat for a moment. She reveals that she allowed herself to be swept along by the changes that came with being a mother, and that she had no regrets in doing so. Now, charged with more experience, she is “fueled with fire to do more.”

Dr. Ruthlyn is proof that being a mother does not limit one’s dreams—in fact, it gives her even more room to cultivate her passions and achieve bigger and better things within the confines of her home and her clinics.

Making a Name in the Field of Beauty—and Inspiring Others to Do So

MEGA Women Takeover Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa RPS Aesthetics
Dr. Ruthlyn is leading an environment where beauty can flourish and be celebrated

As the owner of RPS Aesthetics, Dr. Ruthlyn also finds joy in providing her employees with livelihoods. She tells MEGA that most of them are also working mothers like herself. Female leaders that take care of their business, passion, and staff members are leaders that nurture a positive work environment. Apart from that, Dr. Ruthlyn is also ambitious and eager in uplifting the beauty industry.

“My goal is to expand more and turn RPS Aesthetics into a household name,” she declares. “This way, I’ll be able to touch other people’s lives through beauty, and eventually employ more staff so I can help them provide for their families.”

Dr. Ruthlyn is a petite woman, yet she is taking big steps to carve out her own path and place in this field. As Filipinos find themselves at the forefront of a female-driven revolution in beauty and medicine, Dr. Ruthlyn emphasizes that her story is a message to inspire other women to take that leap of faith in pursuing what their hearts desire.

“Take risks and explore,” she says. “Fail if you must, but don’t quit in finding which venture is best for you. I’m a strong believer that no one is born as a master in their field, so just do you what you need to do, learn along the process, and then you’ll find yourself at the top of the game.”

MEGA Women Takeover Dr. Ruthlyn Pecolera-Salvosa RPS Aesthetics
Dr. Ruthlyn is redefining beauty in her own terms through her thriving beauty and medical practice

Photographed by DOOKIE DUCAY. Art Direction by ANDREW ENCAPAS. Fashion Direction by SEAN CASTELO. Beauty Direction by MIA CASTRO. Styling by GISELLE BARNACHEA of #STYLEDBYROKOARCEO. Sittings Editor MIA CASTRO. Makeup by ANGEL MARIÑAS assisted by ELLE STELLAR, AESLEY BELCHEZ, and IVY CABANELA. Hair by CLAUDINE MARIÑAS . Shoot Coordination by JOANA FERNANDO, ISABELLA DARANG, and CHRISTINE JAVIER. Special thanks to ZUKI PHShot on location PIONEERX STUDIO

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