MEGA Women Takeover: Nothing Beats Education in Beauty, Says Arlene Damot

MEGA Women Takeover: Nothing Beats Education in Beauty, Says Arlene Damot


Arlene Damot had already been in the healthcare industry for years before she decided to set up her own beauty, wellness, and surgical clinic. But the power woman knows that education should be a continuous process. Now, she is in her fourth year in med school

A number of things immediately stand out the moment one meets Arlene Damot, founder of beauty, wellness, and surgical clinic Royal Aesthetics. First, her confidence is almost tangible, but never does it subdue her graciousness to everyone around her. Second, she is resolute in her vision and goals—even in our photo shoot, she would share her ideas while collaborating with the team. 

But it’s not until one gets to talk to her that it becomes apparent why she is this successful: Damot is a devotee of education. In fact, the power of knowledge and experience was what allowed for the creation of Royal Aesthetics.

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“My journey into aesthetics started in healthcare, where I first pursued nursing for hands-on patient care and a deep understanding of healthcare systems,” Damot tells MEGA. After earning her nursing degree and passing the board exam, she felt compelled to expand her expertise. In her thirst for knowledge, she started going to medical school, where she is currently in her fourth year of studies. 

“During my medical training, I developed a strong interest in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, fields that combine clinical skills with artistry,” she explains her decision. “I want to help people feel and look their best, boosting their confidence and well-being.”

Global Expert

Arlene Damot

Damot’s dream to set up her own clinic began in Malaysia, where she started her career in healthcare, specifically in the fields of general surgery, otolaryngology, and dermatology, at Global Doctors Malaysia. 

“I chose Malaysia for its diverse, rapidly developing healthcare environment that offers both traditional and modern medical practices,” Damot recalls. After gaining experience, she returned home to the Philippines to apply and further enhance her skills and knowledge. She also wanted to contribute to the country’s healthcare system. The rest, as they say, is history. 

“I founded Royal Aesthetics with the aim of providing personalized advanced aesthetic treatments in a welcoming and cost-effective environment,” she says of her journey since she came back. “My vision was to deliver evidence-based services of the highest quality, ensuring each client receives tailored care.” She and her husband jointly own and operate the clinic. She says that his expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the success of Royal Aesthetics. 

Damot adds that the clinic constantly refines its methods and technology to ensure that the treatments they provide are well-researched and advanced. And as part of their mission to cater to different beauty needs, they offer a wide range of services. 

The list of services includes treatments like Botox and fillers for rejuvenation, advanced skin therapies, such as lasers and procedures for the body, and face contouring. They also give personalized advice on skincare and offer high-quality products to maintain and improve results. 

“Our aim is to offer complete care for both your immediate beauty goals and the long-term health of your skin, all at an affordable price,” Damot adds. “We prioritize patient education, ensuring our clients are well-informed about their treatment options and expected outcomes.” 

It’s important to know, as well, that the Royal Aesthetics team comprises only highly skilled and experienced professionals, who are passionate about aesthetics and dedicated to achieving the results that the clients want. 

Damot emphasizes, “Moreover, our clinic environment provides a serene and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the overall client experience.” 

Beauty in All Forms

Arlene Damot is the founder of beauty, wellness, and surgical clinic Royal Aesthetics

As someone who is involved in and passionate about aesthetics, Damot makes herself aware and knowledgeable about the changing industry. Or even the evolving concept of beauty. 

“The idea of beauty has changed a lot over time,” she muses. “It used to be very strict, but now it’s more accepting and includes different looks, body shapes, and skin colors. People now focus more on looking natural and bringing out their own special features instead of trying to look a certain way. Social media has played a big role in this, letting everyone show their own style and decide what beauty means to them.”

But the long-term effects of beauty enhancements may be different for everyone. For this reason, Damot advises people who want to undergo treatments or procedures to contemplate on their plans before going through with them. “If you’re thinking about getting beauty treatments, make sure to look into it carefully and pick someone trustworthy,” she says. “Be realistic about what you can expect and know what might go wrong or right with the procedures you want. Talk to a skilled expert who can help you decide what’s best for you. And always remember, the point of these treatments is to make you feel more confident and highlight your natural beauty.”

Through Royal Aesthetics, Arlene Damot hopes to provide high-quality beauty services in a welcoming and cost-effective environment

And since the aesthetic and beauty industry has been growing nonstop for the past couple of years, Damot says it is best to be meticulous, especially those who want to set up their own clinic. “For those looking to enter the aesthetic business, my advice is to prioritize education and hands-on experience,” she concludes. “Invest in comprehensive training and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. Building a successful aesthetic practice also requires a deep understanding of your clients needs and a commitment to providing exceptional care. Establish a strong ethical foundation and maintain high standards of safety and professionalism. Additionally, focus on creating a welcoming environment that makes clients feel valued and comfortable.”

Photographed by DOOKIE DUCAY. Art Direction by ANDREW ENCAPAS. Fashion Direction by SEAN CASTELO. Beauty Direction by MIA CASTRO. Styling by GISELLE BARNACHEA of #STYLEDBYROKOARCEO. Sittings Editor MIA CASTRO. Makeup by EUGENE TIONGSON. Hair by FHEDZ CORDERO. Shoot Coordination by JOANA FERNANDO and ISABELLA DARANG. Special thanks to ZUKI PHShot on location PIONEERX STUDIO

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