MEGA YDC 2024 Backstage Glam: The BYS Beauty Essentials

MEGA YDC 2024 Backstage Glam: The BYS Beauty Essentials


BYS Chief Makeup Artist and Beauty Director Gery Penaso details the key makeup items used in the MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) 2024 Grand Final Showdown

Makeup and fashion form a dynamic partnership in a perpetual dance. Each move is honed and perfected, culminating in a solid performance art that tells a unique story. BYS Philippines tasked Beauty Director Gery Penaso to build a team of young and emerging makeup artists to work on the looks for this year’s MEGA YDC. “Makeup is an extension of expressing yourself,” said Penaso, underlining the artistic symbiosis that elevates how these two disciplines intertwine. 

The team of BYS makeup artists help complete the look seen on the runway of the MEGA YDC 2024

BYS played a vital role in the comeback of MEGA’s iconic YDC, crystalizing the designers’ concepts in vivid, complete detail. Penaso and his team worked closely with the finalists, intent on striking the perfect balance between his beauty direction and their designs. 

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mega ydc backstage
BYS Chief Makeup Artist Gery Penaso oversees his beauty team to ensure a flawless execution.

The BYS beauty team opted for more minimal looks, keeping them understated so they would highlight the clothes without overpowering them. The approach was about harmony, and they didn’t want the makeup to compete with the outfits but rather enhance them. “There are looks na androgynous, very now, very gender-bending, but most of them are very wearable,” added Penaso. The final results showcased everything as a cohesive whole, allowing full appreciation.

YDC x BYS Beauty Breakdown

Penaso’s team applied the BYS Face Primer to all the models to create a flawless canvas. MEGA YDC finalist Dino Bancoro needed a matte finish, so the team used the BYS Face Primer with Vitamin E and Chamomile Extract. Conversely, the team used the BYS Face Primer with Hydrating Pearls for Renz Reyes, who aimed for a dewy and hydrated appearance. 

mega ydc x bys
BYS beauty tools, as seen backstage at the MEGA YDC fashion show

Regarding foundation, they used BYS Crème Foundations, selecting either dewy or matte versions of the product to match the intended look. They employed the BYS Full Coverage Camouflage Concealer for skin corrections, and for sculpting features, they used the BYS Contour Trio. 

mega ydc
Prince Padilla’s models backstage at the MEGA YDC fashion show

To achieve Prince Padilla’s subtle no-makeup look, Penaso and his team chose the BYS Blusher in Coral to achieve that diffused appearance and seamless blending. They also utilized one of BYS’s top sellers, the Smokey Eyeshadow Palette, to create neutral and cool tones alongside the BYS Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette, which boasts 12 shades.  

Vic Fajatin’s models
BYS offers a wide range of colors and shades that are versatile for use.

For YDC finalist Vic Fajatin’s colorful makeup requirement, the beauty team used the limited edition Malibu Barbie Makeup Palette but only used the matte shades. Sandro Dela Peña’s models featured blue splatters on the corners of their eyes using the BYS Powder Palette Joyful, which includes ten vibrant shades for electrifying creativity. 

The BYS Luxe Lips Ultra Matte Lipstick has a creamy and long-lasting formula.
mega ydc backstage
A look from Akio Barreiro that exudes romance. The makeup adds a mysterious theme to the overall aesthetic.

Gery Penaso shared his role in guiding Akio Barreiro in aligning the makeup with his designs, maximizing the impact of each piece. His team used BYS Luxe Lips Ultra Matte Lipstick on both lips and eyes to complement the designer’s monochromatic and romantic themes. 

The lashes added a dramatic flair to the models walking for Dino Bancoro

The team applied BYS Volume & Lengthening Mascara to curl all the models’ lashes beautifully. Just before hitting the runway, the team spritzed the models with BYS Illuminating Face & Body Spray to add a luminous glow that pops under the stage lights, giving them an extra sparkle during their moment in the spotlight.

Makeup breathes life into fashion. It’s like a surge of oxygen that rejuvenates each look, capturing the essence and narrative the designer envisioned. At this year’s MEGA Young Designers Competition 2024, BYS brought the visions of all six finalists to their most vibrant expression, adding layers of depth and subtlety that allow each piece to reach its pinnacle. 

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