MEGA’s 10 Best Preliminary Evening Gowns for the Miss Universe Philippines 2024

MEGA’s 10 Best Preliminary Evening Gowns for the Miss Universe Philippines 2024


For the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Preliminary event, it’s dress to impress, and these candidates make a powerful statement

Sparkle’s presence envelops them, encasing each Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidate in a stunning show of Filipino design excellence. With grandeur and manner, these dresses elevate and celebrate each woman’s distinctive style. Here are MEGA’s top 10 preliminary evening gowns, where magnificence meets artistic ability.

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Kymberlee Street, Australia

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Australia

When Kymberlee Street takes the stage, she sets the street on fire. Val Taguba’s red sparkling dress, adorned with sheer cutouts and feathery details at the bottom, ensures she clears every fashion hurdle. 

Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Bacoor

Miss Universe Philippines Bacoor 2024

Furne Amato’s creation for VVV is nothing short of magical. The white crystallized look, with its intricate front detailing, is a chrysalis, ready to burst forth into a butterfly. She may be grounded, but watch her soar.

Kris Tiffany Janson, Cebu

Miss Universe Philippines Cebu 2024

Inspired by the Goddess Venus who symbolizes hope, love, and rebirth, Kris Tiffany Janson is reborn in emerald. Looking exquisite, Harvey Cenit’s design twists and turns around her sheer silhouette, with jeweled accents that make her shimmer like an enchanted forest. She’s a jewel in the crown of Cebu.

Patricia Bianca Tapia, Hawaii

Miss Universe Philippines Hawaii 2024

Jessica Rabbit goes full Filipino in this red-hot gown by Ehrran Montoya. The designer expertly showcases the feminine form, allowing Patricia Bianca Tapia’s beauty to blaze through. It’s a sultry ode to classic glamour.

Angel Rose Tambal, Leyte

Miss Universe Philippines Leyte 2024

Fuchsia pink stuns when used correctly, and Leo Almodal nails it with Angel Rose Tambal’s gown. The striking color, complemented by cotton candy blue pastels and an attractive central stone, makes her a powerful, angelic presence. Inspired by the strong foundation of the San Juanico Bridge, it mirrors the integrity of the structure by the front of her gown.

Elle Valderama Hollman, Mariveles

Miss Universe Philippines Mariveles 2024

While most opt for vibrant colors, Elle Valderama Hollman exudes prestige in Auburn by Yue Santiago. Shimmering on top with textured black and orange feathers below, she’s a fall fashion fantasy come to life.

Raven Doctor, Palawan

Miss Universe Philippines Palawan 2024

Yellow sparks like the sun, and Raven Doctor radiates in a gown by Nel Claveria. The Palawan candidate’s petite fringe details move as she strides across the runway, her outfit a brilliant display of sunlit joy. It’s a sunny disposition, made sartorial.

Cyrille Payumo, Pampanga

Miss Universe Philippines Pampanga 2024

Gold, yellow, and blue dance together in Benj Laguiab’s creation for Cyrille Payumo. Fringe cascades joyfully along the sides of the Pampanga candidate’s gown. Yellow beads add a sparkle to the swift attire, while blue stones provide an attractive contrast, complementing the golden ensemble with a touch of playful diversity.

Ahtisa Manalo, Quezon Province

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Quezon Province

Michael Cinco delivers a silver stunner for Ahtisa Manalo. Embellished with stones and a high slit, the sheer layout of this ensemble sparkles against the colorful array of other gowns. It’s a moonbeam amidst a rainbow, sleek and sophisticated.

Josephine Paaske, Talisay City

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Talisay City

Josephine Paaske performs beautifully in a Gumamela gown by Kathlen Anne Dres. With a hood that slides gracefully to her shoulders and flouncy accents that drape fluidly, she’s an updated Red Riding Hood, poised for the catwalk. It’s drama and elegance in perfect ripples.

Anita Rose Gomez, Zambales

Miss Universe Philippines Zambales 2024

Blue and green intertwine in intricate details on Anita Rose Gomez’s gown. Strong shoulders and long opera gloves add to the mesmerizing effect, with a deep bodice and small open accent that ombrés into powerful emeralds. She shimmers and shines, like more than a million crystals on land.

These gowns bring out the creativity and craftsmanship of Filipino designers. Each one showcases the beauty, personality, and representation of the woman wearing it. From vibrant hues to elegant designs, these evening gowns make a powerful statement: that in the universe of Miss Universe Philippines, every dream is dressed to impress.


Featured Image:
Anita Rose Gomez
Fashion Designer Leo Almodal
Photographer Chester Chua
Hair and Make Up Artist Daniel Forro
Fashion Coordinator Richard Sumait

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