MEGA’s Best Dressed at the Vogue Philippines Gala

MEGA’s Best Dressed at the Vogue Philippines Gala


In fashion tradition, a look seen twice is a faux pas. But in fashion progress, to archive is king, and these attendees are royalty

At the Vogue Philippines Gala, the attire was a creative paradox—to rewear and refresh, to breathe new life into the familiar. It was a conscious choice to embrace change and evolution, to mirror the very essence of the fashion they represent. Like the chrysalis that yields a radiant butterfly, the night was a feature to exhibit their prowess in metamorphosis, a theme that resonated throughout the evening. And with that, here are our best dressed from last night’s festivities.

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Kylie Verzosa

kylie verzosa vogue gala

Kylie Verzosa graced the event in a Mark Bumgarner creation, exuding a mesmerizing blend of elegance and drama. The black form-fitting column dress, adorned with white pleated details, hugged her form with a touch of flair. The asymmetrical design, reminiscent of wings, created a striking silhouette that left an impression.

Liza Soberano

Rajo Laurel’s masterpiece transformed Liza Soberano into an architectural marvel crafted from pleated organza. The intricacies of the dress resonated with the complexities of a well-designed building, embodying the marriage of structure and aesthetics.

Bretman Rock

bretman rock vogue gala

Bretman Rock epitomized sculptural elegance in Rajo Laurel’s creation. His gown, hugging his curves with a statement shoulder and finishing with white flared pants, resembled the graceful curve of a wave frozen in time. With every step, he became a living testament to the beauty of form and fluidity.

Charmaine Rivera Lagman

Charmaine Rivera Lagman’s attire was a look of shaped elegance. The Saint Laurent dress, embracing her form with subtle grace, curved around her chest and flowed into form-fitting gloves for sleeves. It was an embodiment of refined simplicity.

Anne Curtis

anne curtis vogue gala

Anne Curtis radiated elegance in her YSL ensemble from 2008. With a simple suit set, she defied convention by opting for an open blazer that showcased her body. Adorned with sparkling jewelry, her look was a testament to the transformative power of minimalistic sophistication.


Bryanboy, a beacon of style himself, made a statement in a black-and-white patterned set by Valentino. This remarkable choice was no stranger to him, having worn the same coordinates in January during the Maison’s couture show in Paris.


Lukresia, one of the stars of Vogue Philippines’ September 2023 cover, wore a Carl Jan Cruz creation that was a display of deconstructed artistry. The corset top that was adorned with cascading strands framed her face like a modern masterpiece. The draped skirt elegantly encircled her waist, capturing the essence of contemporary fashion’s artistic soul.

In shades of black and white, the Vogue Philippines Gala resonated with recreation and reinvention, each a testament to the art of transformation. They stood not only as fashion contemporaries, but also as the pulse that drives the very existence of Vogue Philippines. As the night concluded, the Gala echoed the resounding truth—fashion, like life, is a continuous cycle of transformation, a celebration of what was, what is, and what can be.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY

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