MEGA’s Best Dressed List at the 2023 Asia Artist Awards

MEGA’s Best Dressed List at the 2023 Asia Artist Awards


From Moon Ga Young’s daring elegance to ITZY’s modern chic and Jang Won-young’s ravishing red, discover MEGA’s Best Dressed List from the 2023 Asia Artist Awards.

At the 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAA), the red carpet wasn’t just a walk, but a stylish parade of fashion choices. Celebrities brought their A-game, flaunting everything from chic suits to elegant gowns. Some K-Pop stars donned outfits that could rival a sci-fi premiere, others wore uniforms as if preparing for a music video, while the rest opted for old glamour classic. These idols strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

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Moon Ga Young

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards MOON GA YOUNG

Moon Ga Young commands attention in a daring black dress that flaunts her sculpted figure. The corset treatment beneath the sheer fabric marries sophistication with allurement. Her flowing, dark locks cascade over her shoulder, serving as a complementary feature that vies for attention alongside her necklace.


MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards ITZY

ITZY graces the event in coordinated black ensembles, radiating a modern sensibility that draws attention. The incorporation of glitter and soft textures adds a dynamic flair to their looks, while velour introduces a hint of opulence. Their gleaming locks shine out, lending a touch of glamour to their whole appearance. ITZY’s fashion choices reflect a bold and contemporary style, making a memorable impression that catches the eye with individuality and confidence.

Cha Joo Young

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards CHA JOO YOUNG

Cha Joo Young elegantly dons a cream silk gown, its fabric as smooth as milk. The dress, with its luxurious texture, captures a refined simplicity that transcends eras. The creamy hue adds a touch of sophistication to her ensemble, showcasing how traditional elements can still captivate amidst contemporary aesthetics.


MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards DREAMCATCHER

Dreamcatcher oscillates between serious and whimsical looks, ranging from contemporary suits to charming milkmaid outfits. The diversity extends beyond their attire to include a spectrum of hairstyles—defined, flowing, textured, and sleek. Each ensemble stands as a distinctive voice, but when viewed collectively, they form a composition that underlines the group’s adeptness at balancing individuality and unity in their choices.

Lee Eun-saem

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards LEE EUN SAEM

Lee Eun-saem emerges like the night sky, adorned with a backless gown that mirrors the celestial expanse, twinkling stars enveloping her through space. Her attire is nothing short of majestic, a piece that distinctly sets her apart from the crowd. It’s impossible to overlook her radiant presence when she shines as brightly as the stars above.

Le Sserafim

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards LE SSERAFIRM

Le Sserafim’s outfits serve as a stylish lesson in youthfulness. The gray ensembles paired with Mary Janes and socks are far from being dull. It embraces trendy silhouettes that add a dynamic touch. This group proves that class is in session for style.

Jang Won-young 

MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards JANG WON-YOUNG 

Jang Won-young is ravishing in red, perfectly complemented by her sleek black hair and fair skin, adding a touch of luxury to the overall aesthetic. The timeless combination of black, white, and red proves to be a winning formula, creating a visually striking ensemble. As the sole lady hosting the awards ceremony, Jang Won-young effortlessly takes the spotlight


MEGA’s Best Dressed List: 2023 Asian Artist Awards KEPLER

Navigating the search for the perfect look in a grand award ceremony is challenging, but imagine doing it as a 9-girl group. Kepler, however, effortlessly makes it seem like a walk in the park. Dressed in classic black-and-white ensembles, the group exudes chic sophistication, proving that coordinating a cohesive and stylish appearance can be seamlessly achieved even with the complexity of a large group.

The 2023 Asian Artist Awards featured standout looks—from Moon Ga Young’s bold elegance to ITZY’s modern chic, Cha Joo Young’s timeless sophistication, Dreamcatcher’s versatile style, Lee Eun Saem’s celestial allure, Le Sserafim’s youthful lesson, Jang Won-young’s red number, and Kepler’s coordinated charm—that have etched a lasting impression. Each personality and group shows their respective diverse and confident style. As the ceremony ends, the impact of their looks lingers, proof of the fashionable statements made on the red carpet.


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