MEGA’s September Cover Stars Bring Out Fashion Through Music

MEGA’s September Cover Stars Bring Out Fashion Through Music


Witness how MEGA’s September cover stars take on a different music genre and dominate it en vogue.

It’s undeniable that music and fashion go hand-in-hand. With every release of a music video or a performance on stage, the fashion styling of any artist is what really seals the deal. Because music, like fashion, is all about being creative whilst making it your own.

So as you queue in MEGA’s September cover stars, you’ll realize how these brilliant artists are teeming the music industry in their own unique way. But while they’re at it already, we wanted to challenge them. For our big fashion issue, we transform all of the seven cover stars evocative of the different genres of music—something they haven’t explored yet. How did we do it? Through fashion, of course.

Each cover star was paired with of-the-moment designers or brands that impeccably reflect the energy of a certain genre. By doing so, they are able to recreate a full-on fashion and music fantasy—from R&B, pop, folk, jazz, punk, electronic, to rock.


Jess Connelly

Jess Connelly is part of a growing wave of talent emerging from Southeast Asia. But while she’s crafting a new age of R&B all across the globe, we wanted her to channel the luxe life of the old Hollywood. In our cover she represents the soul of the 20s underground jazz—all decked in Gucci’s latest Fall/Winter collection.


Gabbi Garcia

It was in 2017 when Gabbi Garcia officially ventured into the music scene with R&B as well. So for our cover, we molded her into a domineering queen of electronica. Taking notes from Bjork’s ethereal spirit, she wore Mark Bumgarner’s creations depicting classic silhouettes rendered in exaggerated proportions.

KZ Tandingan

Ever since KZ Tandingan was only beginning her music career, she can already stand out easily in a sea of talented artists. And that’s primarily because of her unique vocals and her sense of style. So while we normally see her in tailored edgy ensembles, we opted to highlight her feminine, soft side. As folk was the genre given to her on our cover, she made a case for chic boho dressing with ruffles, pastels, and immaculate whites as the focal point.

Frankie Pangilinan

Frankie Pangilinan is relatively new in the world of entertainment. But even if that’s the case, she made it a point to have a voice of her own. As she’s still starting out, we punctuated her fresh and youthful charm. Decked in Uniqlo’s latest Fall/Winter collection, the young star was able to perfectly exude what a rising pop star sensation would look like.

Maris Racal

One can’t deny Maris Racal’s talent for singing. Way back she was still starting in the industry, we already knew that she’ll one day become a recording pop artist. Although that may, we wanted her to explore her R&B persona on our cover. Once she donned Sam Richelle’s creations, she sure did define the true meaning of stellar.

Kiana Valenciano

Consistently making music that is purely her own, Kiana Valenciano is the artist you definitely can’t miss. Music just comes out naturally from her. In fact, you’ll feel each and every word in her soulful songs. However, given her strong features, we made her into a chic rock star. Wearing leather and metallic creations by Daryl Maat, Alina Macalindong, and Will Flores, she looked beautifully anarchic and fearless.

Maymay Entrata

Actress, model, and recording artist, what more can we ask for? Maymay Entrata has definitely come a long way in the entertainment industry. From doing sold-out concerts to hitting one million views on her music video, she’s really far from slowing down. While she’s famed for doing pop songs, we want her to go to the opposite side of the spectrum. Thus, the bright and effervescent Maymay was metamorphosed to an edgy, rebel muse of the glam-punk genre wearing Michael Leyva S/S 2020 collection.

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