MEGA’s Top 10 Gucci Looks at the LACMA Gala

MEGA’s Top 10 Gucci Looks at the LACMA Gala


We listed down 10 of the best-dressed guests, all clad in exquisite Gucci ensembles, who were in attendance at LACMA’s Art+Film Gala

It was indeed a star-studded night in Los Angeles as celebrities and practitioners made their presence known for LACMA’s 11th year of their Art+Film Gala, held to raise funds for the initiatives and exhibitions, as well as to make film an integral part of the museum’s curatorial programming. Co-chaired by Leonardo DiCaprio and Eva Chow, artists such as Helen Pashigan and Park Chan-wook were honored for their outstanding work.

Alongside DiCaprio and Chow, Gucci showed their support as a parade of artists and celebrities made their way down the red carpet in their exquisite Gucci ensembles. It was an event where art, fashion, and film beautifully collided, showcasing a powerful collective effort to bring the arts to new heights.

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan showed up at the red carpet in a gorgeous ombré number. A beautiful transition of silver embellishments made its way down her coat and dress as the ends created an elegant tier-like finish.

Salma Hayek

Clad in a body-hugging ensemble, Salma Hayek brought color to the red carpet with such elegance. Designed with a rather simplistic silhouette, the crystals decorated across the fabric and the dainty tones on her dress elevated Salma’s overall look.

Jodie Turner-Smith

We can’t deny the subtle nod to the iconic 1920s flapper fashion Jodie Turner-Smith captured in her look. She kept it balanced with a rather sultry black plunging neckline, while the bottom half of her dress was adorned in gorgeous hues of black, brown, and gold jeweled tassels.

Ximena Lamadrid

It was a mix of dainty and sultry as Ximena Lamadrid showed up in a striking midnight blue ensemble. Done with such meticulous pleats, the tulle elegantly flowed along her silhouette as the crystals charmingly shined under the light. 

Thuso Mbedu

Gucci isn’t shy to play with colors and textures, and this look perfectly showed their knack for the eccentric. While her bodice had a sweet see-through floral fabric, a stunning emerald detail on Thuso Mbedu’s chest made its way down, while the pleats created such fluidity on her overall ensemble.

Photo Credit: @thuso.mbedu (via Instagram)

Andrew Garfield

When it comes to complementary colors, we can only expect a powerful color duo in one ensemble. Encrusted in crystal, Andrew Garfield was clad in a dark blue velvet coat while his pastel yellow button-down added a pop of color. 

Olivia Wilde

Delicate yet sultry, the slip dress was hinged on Olivia’s waist to better hug her figure as silver and purple were tiled diagonally down her silhouette. 

Janelle Monáe

When the assignment said contrast, this number definitely did not disappoint. Black and white was split into two from Janelle’s shoulder down to her waist. It was alluringly put together with diamond details on her chest. 

Diego Calva

A modernized ‘80s look for the night—Diego kept it balanced with a salmon pink button-down and white trousers. Meanwhile, it was his coat with a maximized black color and stripes pattern that stole the show.

FINNEAS and Claudia Sulewski

The couple arrived with a subtle twinning moment. While both had black elements on their ensembles, we adore the pops of colors on their looks. Claudia paired her jeweled tube top with a striking neon green skirt, and Finneas opted for a pastel pink scarf as the collars of his coat were finished with gold. 

Photos from GUCCI (via Instagram)

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