MEGA’s Top 10 National Costumes at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024

MEGA’s Top 10 National Costumes at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024


From flora to fauna, the candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2024 paraded the country’s national resources in their creative national costumes 

Beauty comes with a deeper purpose at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024, as the candidates carry themselves, their hometown, and the country as well as its values and culture all throughout the competition. At the national costume exhibition held in Sultan Kudarat last night, the 53 contenders showcased the pride of their respective hometowns through their creative interpretations of the national costume. As the women champion the country’s rich biodiversity through the artistry and craftsmanship of fashion design, here are MEGA’s top ten picks for the national costume exhibition. 

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Bacoor City

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Victoria Velasquez Vincent of Bacoor City
Victoria Velasquez Vincent

At a time when history can easily be revised, shedding light on the country’s pre-colonial traditions holds much value in the understanding of our identity and truth as Filipinos. According to Filipino superstition of pamahiin, gamu-gamo or moths symbolize the presence of departed relatives as a call for protection. Bacoor’s Victoria Velasquez Vincent donned an ensemble designed by Axel Que, highlighting the moth in its flight mode. The main silhouette intricately depicted the talismans, or anting-anting, known to  give protection and luck to its wearer with its eye symbols and gold details. 

Bantayan Island 

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Juvel Ducay of Bantayan Island
Juvel Ducay

Embodying the majesty of the Visayan goddess of the sea, Juvel Ducay of Bantayan Island stood out as Lidagat in her marine flora and fauna-inspired costume.The scintillating pleated fabric coupled with the strategic beading from head to toe designed by Art Don, is a creative call of awareness for the country’s biodiversity and its protection. 

Davao City

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Maria Isabel Pelayo of Davao City
Maria Isabel Pelayo

Mark Joseph Sayad’s creation captivated the audience with the emphasis of the waling-waling’s splendor as the Queen of Philippine Orchids. The Philippine eagle, in the form of Sinag, rested in the orchid leaves surrounding the design’s blooming beauties endemic in the Mindanaoan city. Maria Isabel Pelayo’s national costume was intentional even in its intricate elements with the use of Mindanaoan beads, a true highlight of her hometown’s craftsmanship. 

Iloilo City

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Alexie Brooks of Iloilo City
Alexie Brooks

In the candidate’s words, “Like spiders, let us continue to weave our aspirations.” Transforming into the Ilonggo arachnid ugto-ugto, Alexie’s national costume symbolized the ingenuity, persistence, and creativity of Filipinos. Tata Pinuela’s design earned the judges’ nod, placing in the top three of the national costumes in the competition. 


Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Phoebe Arrianna Torita of Kananga
Phoebe Arrianna Torita

Celebrating beauty, grace, and femininity, Phoebe Arrianna Torita’s Filipiniana revered the woman in its Filipino figure. The costume, designed by John Hubert Capito, was handcrafted by Eastern Visayas’ women artisans, its vibrant colors showcasing the vibrant glow of Kananga’s spirit as the geothermal capital of the Philippines. Paying homage to the ylang-ylang that gave the municipality its name, the structured, yellow train depicted its distinct blooms. 


Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume tacloban bacoor leyte angel rose tambal victoria velasquez vincent tamara ocier
Angel Rose Tambal

The gilded creation of Er Stephen Alvarado is an interpretation of rebirth of the once extinct species of the Tikling birds, the origin of the country’s tinikling dance. From the blend of colors to the intricacy of the feathered and beaded elements, the meticulous creation donned by the Leyte representative underscored the beauty found in resilience as captured by both the province and the Tikling bird themselves. 


Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Grace Jineah Lumague of Pangasinan
Grace Jineah Lumague

Known for its sea festival “Pistay Dayat,” the province is home to aquatic resources that Grace Lumague donned in her national costume. From the pearl details to the structured stole mimicking the waves of the sea, the Jorick Lopez Limpag design gave a new meaning to the aquatic richness of Pangasinan through his creation. 

Quezon Province

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon Province
Ahtisa Manalo

Giving life to Mt. Banahaw’s tayabak or jade vine, Ahtisa Manalo proudly paraded the greenery of her province through her turquoise ensemble. The mix of blue, green, and silver hues showcased the jade vine’s distinct color and shape that stood out as a symbol of beauty and identity for Quezon Province’s citizens, as designed by Amir Sali. 

Southern California

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume Jet Hammond of Southern California
Jet Hammond

Taking inspiration from the colors of Tubbataha Reef’s marine life, Ehrran Montoya’s design for Jet Hammond is a cascading interpretation of the biodiversity found underwater. The aquatic flora and fauna elements of the creation were brought to land through the handcrafted textures and beadwork, which earned a top placement for Southern California’s representative in the competition. 


Miss Universe Philippines 2024 national costume tamara ocier tacloban
Tamara Ocier

Last but not the least, embracing the city’s monitor lizard in her arms as a puppet-like element of her gilded costume, Tamara slithered her way through the runway as a figure upholding a fearless and transformational mark in the competition. The Charlotte Rodriguez design, which has gold and chrome elements was given the Best National Costume award by the judges.


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