MEGAStyle Introduces a New Logo to Mark the Start of Something New

MEGAStyle Introduces a New Logo to Mark the Start of Something New


The state of confusion is something none of us should be afraid of—it’s the small quiet moments of uncertainty that matter the most when you’re on the verge of greatness. But those moments don’t just happen in seconds or minutes. Sometimes they come in years. These years of growth are crucial in creating your identity, whether in style or personality. The same can be said for any individual who is going through the walks of life—it can even be said for homegrown titles, such as MEGAStyle. 

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For years, the middle child of the MEGAverse has evolved just as their audience has. It has gone through creative covers and generations of readers who needed a helping hand in life. MEGAStyle was there for the rise and fall of mom jeans, the return of the no-makeup makeup looks, and the TikTok override of the 2020s. 

Now, we’re faced with a new MEGAStyle—complete with an all new logo. It features the iconic MEGA logo in a comparably smaller size to the following word, “style,” which is blown up in proportions. The logo of “style” in the new visual was then redone in a digitally-influenced font. According to the logo’s creator, Marc Yellow, he found inspiration from the sense of style of the current Generation Z. “As a MEGAStyle reader myself, I wanted to look at the target market of Generation Z and find a style that fits their personality as a generation. It’s unconventional and very now, basically,” said Marc. 

The introduction of the logo was accompanied by the beautiful face of Kyline Alcantara, GMA’s girl wonder. The actress stands tall amidst a steely heart with the new MEGAStyle logo propped at the back. Kyline represents much of what the brand stands for over the years and for what it will be in the future. The multifaceted star has realized her identity by staying true to her core, which is what MEGAStyle has always promoted for in its writing and visuals. 

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