MEGAstyle Webzine August 2017: Jasmine Curtis-Smith

MEGAstyle Webzine August 2017: Jasmine Curtis-Smith


Here today and won’t be gone tomorrow; Jasmine Curtis-Smith continues to break the surface of the entertainment industry and carve a name for herself, starting in the indie scene. A well-rounded actress of this generation, Jasmine spills how life is like after the success of her independent movie Baka Bukas and why she is one young star you’ll definitely see tomorrow.

With the success of your recent indie flick, Baka Bukas, and bagging the best actress award for the role, what can you say about your career right now?
I’d say you know, I’m at a stage where things are pretty steady and my work is speaking for itself and doing the work for me more than I am working for the exposure that I’m currently getting.
What is the most essential thing or lesson you learned from being an actress on the set of Baka Bukas?
From Baka Bukas itself, trusting my gut is a big learning. My manager was hesitant with the project itself. Hindi siya masyadong sold on the story. But what makes it different is that I’ve never done a lesbian role. And a lesbian love story is still somewhat taboo in our industry and in our day and age, so it gives the film an edge. Then you have an all-girl production set that gives you that women empowerment or that equality type of feeling on the set. Ibang klase ‘yung overwhelming feeling na narealize mo na I’ve got to trust myself because it got me here and this is the result that it gave me.
What keeps you busy these days? Do you have any upcoming projects?
Other than the web series, I finished a film in Siargao with Erich Gonzales and Jericho Rosales. It’s directed by Paul Soriano. We’re still gonna tape for season four of Forever Sucks and I’m also starting a business.

Aside from being an actress, we also learned that you’re a car racer. What sparked your interest in the sport?
It was work for me at the beginning. But then at the end of the day, it was the racing community that kept me coming back to it, you get to meet so many interesting people. And the improvement is the addiction, the adrenaline, and the speed.
Is car racer Jasmine similar to actress Jasmine?
It’s somewhat the same. I like very intimate types of project and gatherings. I guess I fall into sports where I hardly interact with people. I like the community we form in both industries.

Have your previous projects influenced your personal style?
I guess so. I’m a laidback as well, like my personality also. As much as possible, no fuss.
Are the pieces from today’s collection something you’ll usually wear?
I’m very monochromatic with my wardrobe. Colors are usually popped out in travel outfits or endorsement outfits. But I guess when I’m having a really sad day and I wanna make myself happier, so that’s when I also put some color or some character and print into that.
Do you also shop at H&M?
Yes, ever since my ate introduced me to it when she took me for the first time in H&M Bangkok.
What usually catches your eye while shopping in H&M?
They had a lot of vests back then [laughs] and I’d wear it over dresses, t-shirts. Their accessories are also so nice. I guess I’ve always been a regular shopper of H&M ever since! The styles compliment my own taste.

Lastly, any words you wanna say to your fans who are also eager to go to the indie scene whether it’s music or film or even wants to be a racecar driver?
I guess just get used to people saying “’di muna,” “‘wag pa,” and “may right timing.” But if you feel it’s the right time, it’s the right project, go for it. Kasi ikaw lang naman kasi makakaalam what feels right for you. And when it’s good and when it’s the right time, the result will always show. Don’t have to always listen to people above you but always be respectful and thankful at the end of the day.

Words: Angeli Manabat | Art Direction: Carmina Aglipay, Deiniel Cuvin and EJ L. Kampitan | Photographer: Erwin Canlas Assisted by Jus Puntay | Styling: RJ Roque Assisted by Dyn Montalban | Makeup: John Pagaduan | Hair: Katch Mejias  | Location and Special Thanks to First United Building, Escolta and Plato Wraps

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