MEGAStyle Webzine February 2017: Tricia Centenera

MEGAStyle Webzine February 2017: Tricia Centenera


Once in a while, you come across a person who fills up an entire room. It might be looks, gravitas, or both. For a brief moment, time stopped as Tricia Centenera entered with a tiny blonde pooch in her arm (very Paris Hilton, except Tricia’s got substance between her ears). This is the kind of impact the Spanish-Filipina has on people, and she might even be oblivious to it.

Tricia opens up about independence, building her career, and of course, moving on. Take cues from how she slays her life and her style:

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Never take “no” for an answer.

You have to give it to any girl with a schedule like Tricia’s. As a professional host, a camera company businesswoman, fashion blogger–and oh, she’s releasing a new handbag line too–this woman is all about the chase and we can hardly catch up! The bubbly dog-lover is serious about making 2017 her career year.
Her can-do attitude has saved her countless times–most remarkably in a car accident back in Australia that left her paralyzed, which, for a dancer, is unbelievably devastating. Now, she’s ready to prove herself again. Behind the cool and collected facade is a woman who never plays the victim, a woman who won’t take “no” for an answer.

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Nobody puts you in the corner.

Tricia lit up the studio with her adorable quips and Australian accent. As she flips her hair and cocks her head for the camera in a lacy H&M bustier, it’s apparent that she’s a born natural.
All that fire comes from a strong support system from her family, peers, and her role model Joey Mead King.
With her positive attitude and silliness, she was able break through darkest of times with her head held high. As the Dirty Dancing motto goes, nobody puts Tricia Centenera in the corner.
“You don’t need a man to do all these things for you. You can really do them for yourself,” says the TV personality. No longer tied down, she is now chasing her own dreams and supporting herself 100%. And with this newfound independence, she aims to be a role model to empower young girls who follow her every move.

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Be true to your own style.

Tricia’s personal style changes with her mood (and the weather’s mood), but what remains the same is her easy-sophisticated trademark. She invests on quality basic wear. Like H&M, her style is uncomplicated and classic, yet fun and fresh. A quick scroll through the Instagram of this Spanish-Flipina fashionista (it runs in the blood, by the way, as her older sister is the Fashion Director of Vogue Australia) will inspire you to hit refresh on your wardrobe. [For Tricia’s style tips and more H&M Fashion Inspo, click here. For Tricia’s beauty hack, click here.]


Story | Louise Sicat
Photography | Johanne Dalogdog
Assistant Photographer | Franco Hosena
Styling | Raizel Dy
Hair | Everlyn Galab of Maquillage Professionnel
Makeup | Etine Bautista

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