MEGAStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Micro Trend Predictions For 2024

MEGAStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Micro Trend Predictions For 2024


Influence plays a great role in the grand scheme of fashion and beauty in the Philippines. From runway shows to street style, we do take inspiration from style trends in various countries, and we make our own interpretations out of it. Call us crafty because we have to make them work under this heat. It’s also why it can be a bit tricky to track a local fad, but it’s easy to spot the micro trends if you look closely. That being said, here are a few fashion and beauty trends we’re expecting to see in the world of Gen Z this 2024. 

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Thrifting uniform

With the sudden spike of pop-ups and online thrift stores, we’re seeing a certain style emerge that makes us think back to the hipster-esque fashion in the early 2000s. From metal belts, patterned midi-skirts, to chunky bags, these are the usual clothes you’ll see if you decide to drop by a well-known pop-up in the area during the weekends. 

gen z fashion trend
Photo: SUNSET ARCHIVES (via Instagram)

The “Gen Z Tita”

We wouldn’t call it quiet luxury because it doesn’t include a tweed jacket or a white maxi skirt. It’s something more laid-back and suitable for university dressing, so you’ll see straight-cut trousers paired with a good-quality fitted shirt, topped off with a simple cardigan. The most Gen Z detail here is probably the pair of adidas Sambas. 

gen z fashion trend
Photo: MAGS FORD (via Instagram)

Which Asian makeup trend for today?

Chinese-based trend Douyin makeup was one of the most popular beauty fads in 2023, and it prompted the rise of Asian makeup in the latter half of the year. Suddenly, we’re trying out Korea’s Ulzzang and Japan’s Igari makeup look, so we’re expecting to see more Asian makeup looks as we continue on with 2024.

beauty trends
Photo from MEGA Archives

Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES

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