Thanks To Meghan Markle, We Are Even More Excited For Princess Diaries 3

Thanks To Meghan Markle, We Are Even More Excited For Princess Diaries 3


There can’t be a better time to reveal the plans for Princess Diaries 3—and this is all your fault, Meghan Markle.

Anne Hathaway knows exactly when to drop bombs. In a time of drought for good royal flicks, the Academy Award-winning actress confirms that ‘Princess Diaries 3’ is in the works. With a script already present, she reveals in an interview that Julie Andrews is on board to do the project as well. Not to mention, Chris Pine expressed that he’s ready to do it and producer Debra Martin Chase is just as eager to make the movie possible.

“It’s just we don’t want [to do the film] unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it,” Anne shares. “It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it.” Since this statement, everyone has been buzzing about their excitement for a sequel 15 years since its last installation. In 2004, ‘Princess Diaries: A Royal Engagement’ was released, introducing Chris Pine as Mia’s love interest. But the third movie is more than just about finding out what happened since her reign without a spouse. Here’s an idea: it all roots with the existence of Meghan Markle in the real-life royal family.

The Meghan To Our Mia

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Meghan Markle is a legend in the royal family. Her engagement to Prince Harry had been the talk of the town. A lot of Brits are pointing out three things that could hurt her chances to marry in the royal family: she’s a biracial American divorcee. The wedding, thankfully, pushed through and now we have an unconventional duchess to look up to. Much like Mia, Meghan has been breaking royal protocols left and right. This is not rebellion though, shall we say, but a revolution that we very much needed in times when we hope feminism shall prevail.

We’ve seen a lot of news outlets put the Duchess of Sussex down. They even called her “difficult” for being dedicated to her title as a duchess. A lot of people want our royal feminists down and out of the throne for good. Mia and Meghan can easily be paralleled with each other. Just like closing their own car doors, they may both have broken a few other royal protocols. Royals are not supposed to voice their political opinions but Meghan Markle hasn’t completely shut this idea off. “Women don’t need to find their voice. They need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen,” she says. Mia, on the other hand, wasn’t supposed to rule Genovia without a spouse. In a month, she must find the right man to marry. With the many greedy people out there, it was a very critical game for a princess. But on her supposed wedding day, Mia speaks out. “I stand here ready to take my place as your queen… without a husband.”

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As little young girls, we were expecting a very Disney ending to ‘Princess Diaries 2’—Prince Charming comes to sweep Princess Mia off her feet, they get married, share a true loves kiss, and they live happily ever after. But Mia has turned out to be an unexpected icon standing up to her right for both true love and the throne. When Princess Diaries came to an end we were left with the need for a follow-up on Mia’s rule as the queen of Genovia. With Kate Middleton’s arrival, we were fed with a story to satisfy our royal romance cravings. But Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry caught more attention for her distinctive traits. None of us expected an American actress to marry in the royal family. Just as Mia Thermopolis never expected her awkward 16-year-old self to be the crowned princess of a European kingdom. Meghan Markle breaking protocols reminded us of Mia’s many slip-ups which, of course, we found endearing and, if anything, funny.

Now that Meghan Markle is around six months pregnant, we can’t help but parallel this to the third installment of Princess Diaries. A lot are hoping to have a “royal baby” plot to fuel the movie and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea considering that it has been 15 (real-life) years since Mia took over the Queen responsibilities. Sometime in between, she and Chris Pine’s Lord Nicholas Devereaux may have gotten married. It can also be remembered that before his passing in 2016, the movies’ director Garry Marshall mentioned that he’s working with Anne Hathaway to set the third film on Manhattan. While this didn’t come to fruition, a lot are hoping that the production will still take place in New York to honor his idea.

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Queen Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi may not be a real person but she sure is an icon for a lot of young girls out there—for her courage to stand up for her right as a then-teenager and later a queen. Much like Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle who, on the other hand, is the real-life royalty that’s making a name for being her own woman while keeping a royal status. Having these women in the royal family—fictional or not—is the push we need for feminism to thrive against male-dominance and gender roles. Our royal obsession has turned from being just about the regality and the glamour that surrounds it to the encouragement that having an influential woman rise through the tides of power struggles and have their voices heard bring to the common folk.

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