Memorable Creations by the Designers in BYS Fashion Week

Memorable Creations by the Designers in BYS Fashion Week


As BYS Fashion Week commences, we look back at designs that perfectly showcase the signature styles of each designer. 

Fashion month reaches its full potential as fashion week launched in major cities across the world over the past few weeks. We have seen busy streets filled with stylish personalities and celebrities all over social media, so why not embody the same energy in the Philippines? 

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A celebration that brings fashion and beauty together, BYS Philippines presents BYS Fashion Week, where esteemed local designers exhibit their new creations on the runway alongside the latest beauty trends that made quite the noise in the local beauty industry. To kick off the show, we listed down memorable past designs created by designers in BYS Fashion Week. 

Randolf Clothing 

His expertise in local textile and embroidery made an impact in the local fashion scene, and we expect to see a range of innovative designs that champions inclusivity with a Filipino twist this time around.

Russell Russel Villafuerte

Eccentric and experimental—Russell Villafuerte isn’t afraid to mix and match his designs with unusual combinations that evidently showcase his unique DNA.

Cheetah Rivera

The designer that’s been taking the world by storm with Heart Evangelista as their muse. It’s their playful take on construction and eye for distinct color composition that makes them quite the remarkable designer in the local fashion scene.

Jaz Cerezo

A new range of femininity is introduced as designer Jaz Cerezo explores a wide range of design styles in her creations. 

Kaye Morales

Flamboyant with a touch of elegance. Kaye Morales isn’t the type to shy away from reconstructing perspectives and ideologies in her designs. A bold rockstar fashion emerges from her creations that blur the line of femininity and masculinity. 


All things sultry and glamorous, JustBonita celebrates the power of alluring beauty in her designs. 


A gentle statement that advocates for self-love and confidence. Issa Pressman presents her line of pieces that exudes such serene energy with a touch of adventurous spirit.


A fashion that is inclusive and genderless. CruzMNL expresses their androgynous character with minimalist designs. 

Thian Rodriguez

In their pursuit of pushing the limits of fashion to new heights, Thian Rodriguez gives a line of creations that are fashionably risqué. 

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