Merz Aesthetics 2020 Asia Pacific Awards Empowers The New Beginning Of The Beauty Industry

Merz Aesthetics 2020 Asia Pacific Awards Empowers The New Beginning Of The Beauty Industry


The year hasn’t been an easy feat for anyone nor any industry, where once-thriving businesses that seemed to be invincible were forced to fight for survival. Nevertheless, with unwavering hard work and innovation, the beauty industry slowly and safely started to get back up on its feet.

Merz Aesthetics continues to highlight the finest standard of service. Along with its partner clinics, they came together to celebrate the efforts that dermatologists, surgeons, and practitioners alike put in to revive the business. Bringing beauty back into the world, the 2020 Merz Aesthetics Asia Pacific Awards held its annual prestigious Tala Awards to recognize the outstanding performance of those in the industry. It’s evident that the best in the beauty industry put up a fight to still serve and protect their customers. The main reason why this year’s awards focused on recognizing the proactive health measures that clinics have done to ensure the guests’ safety while providing the well-deserved treatments they want.

One of which is the well-loved and praised Aivee Clinic. By employing high-tech safety measures in their clinics and continuously supporting their staff, they won four awards in total at the ceremony and was awarded no. 1 for the 5th Golden Record Awards.

This means that out of eight countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan, and the Philippines, the Aivee Clinic is held highly in the Merz Portfolio of prestigious providers in Asia.

Dr. Aivee Teo who rose above the challenges brought by the pandemic can only be thankful for the support and recognition given by the country. “More than anything else we are just happy that the Aivee Clinic has given recognition not only to the Philippines, but to the whole local aesthetic industry, that despite the pandemic we can still rise above all the struggles and challenges that we have faced this year, and we can do better. We are looking forward to better days. Thank you for the unwavering support Merz Philippines and to all our friends and families for being here today,” she shares.

Dr. Z Teo also acknowledged that the success of their clinic was not a one-man’s job, “When we set up the Aivee Clinic, I have always told Aivee that our vision for the Aivee Clinic is to be recognized on an international stage. We want to look more towards not just being local, but as someone who is respected on the international stage. We are just really happy and proud that we have managed to do that,” he says. “For all our hardworking staff, and doctors and I will never forget to give honor to my wife for being the hardest working person in the whole country in this industry. This award is not only just for us, it’s for the whole country in the Philippines even though I am Singaporean. I always call the Philippines my second home.”

Times are tough but we continue to rise above and beyond. The Aivee clinic and many of the Tala awardees proves that the industry is already leading the world towards a new beautiful beginning.

The gathering was tightly guarded with protection as the Aivee Clinic conducted Antigen Swab testing for all the guests through Keli Devices (a subsidiary company of The Aivee Group).

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