Michael Leyva’s Bridal Glamour Will Take You To New Heights

Michael Leyva’s Bridal Glamour Will Take You To New Heights


Michael Leyva revolutionizes the local and international scene with his exquisite bridal creations, teaching us to keep our feet on the ground while making our dreams come true.


Michael Leyva soars to new heights with an impeccably crafted, modern-meets-classic bridal collection. The centerpiece of weddings, debuts, and red carpet events has always been gowns. Through their decorative imagery, these pieces unmistakably add an allure to the scene, an added flare just through the way they’re composed and presented. This brand of magic is made more apparent in the unparalleled creativity of detail-oriented designers like Michael Leyva.



The beauty of Michael Leyva’s pieces lie in their finely crafted details.


Prior to making dazzling pieces worn by his celebrity muses such as Anne Curtis, Kris Aquino, and Sarah Lahbati, Michael first worked as a flight steward for an airline company, immersing himself in the industry through his late brother, Brian Leyva. “My earliest fashion memory is [watching] my brother build his dream to be one of the country’s renowned fashion designers,” he reminisces. After the unfortunate passing of his brother, Michael made it his goal to continue Brian’s legacy. From then on, he took it as a sign to continue the artistry that his brother began. Recognizing his brother’s role in guiding him throughout his creative development, Michael keeps him in mind as an undeviating inspiration when designing. Soon enough, Michael realized his fervor for fashion design, pursuing his dream head on where he now currently thrives with much aplomb.


From fabric to fit, Michael Leyva tailor fits his pieces to the brides wearing them.


His best achievement so far, he explains, is his work being recognized as a signature statement piece. This rings true as the careful artwork in his designs have been attached to him as he built a name for himself in the industry. From working with high profile clients, Michael has ventured on to do more designs for milestone events such as debut and weddings. “What matters to me most as a fashion designer is making every client happy and fulfilled every time they wear a piece I created for them,” he assures. His designs evoke a sense of old-world romance through color and detail. The best of both worlds, a Michael Leyva piece could very well be a jaw-dropping period piece fit for royalty, while still delivering a modern punch.

“I’m so particular with details,” he shares of his design process. “I want every piece to be detailed to and embellished on feminine silhouettes that flatters every woman’s body. He also draws motivation from the thought of making a woman’s dream wedding gown a reality. “Making them the happiest on their wedding day is such a fulfillment. Designing bridal gowns for me is what makes me happy and contented each day,” he says illustrating the passionate work ethic and mutual trust with his brides.

When asked for advice as an established designer speaking to ambitious up-and-comers, Michael mentions the simplest rule to follow: “Believe in your dreams, work hard, keep your feet on the ground and pray to God.” Looking into the future, Michael Leyva plans to continue contributing to the beauty of bridal couture. He hopes to expand his brand, be known globally and design pieces for international celebrities like Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez. Ultimately, there’s only moving forward for the designer.



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