Michael Leyva Radiates Joy with His Colorful Couture 2025 Collection

Michael Leyva Radiates Joy with His Colorful Couture 2025 Collection


At Conrad Manila, Michael Leyva unveiled his latest couture collection inspired by his own happiness 

Life, painted in diverse colors, conveys an expanse of emotions that range from the lightest pastels to the darkest shades of black. For Michael Leyva, his life may be tinged in muted tones, but it is loud in its execution. The designer’s Couture 2025 collection, My Colorful Life, honored these hues via contrasts and vibrancy, where he captured the joy and beauty found in all of life’s expressions, particularly his own.

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“The collection represents how vibrant, beautiful, and colorful my life is right now,” he exclaims. “I’m just very happy.” His use of soft hues and intricate detailing reflects a positive artistic vision, standing out against typically somber inspirations. This exuberance is particularly pronounced because this inspiration stems directly from his current phase of life.

Different techniques of fabric manipulation were employed. In addition to typical beadwork, the designer incorporated strings into various fabrics to achieve a pleated look. Structural and architectural aesthetics defined some of the pieces as it was avant-garde in their identity.

The runway was awash with pastel tones that evoked a sense of enchantment. Soft blues and gentle pinks mingle with touches of lavender and mint, epitomizing the balance between subtlety and statement through silhouettes. Among them, short dresses resembling cotton candy captivate. Meanwhile, traditional suits answer to the call of drama through embellished cape complements.

Hidden within this palette of tranquility, black makes a striking yet popular appearance to this serene scheme. It created a dramatic effect, switching to an abrupt backdrop change of an enigmatic forest—but no one is lost here.

Accessories make an experimental entrance in the form of floral pieces whether for the head or the eyes; and, of course, Tiffany & Co. jewelry that add more dimension to an already multidimensional show.

In a grand finale, tears abound as Leyva and his team walked down the runway in celebration of their talent. It is a rare occurrence acknowledging the ones behind the scenes every day. The designer’s hand along with the skilled artisans merge these elements that speak to the complexity and richness of life itself. The truth it, it’s always better to be rewarded for it.

My Colorful Life nodded to the beauty of individual moments and reflected the enduring promise that even in darkness, a light awaits after the storm. Michael Leyva embraced every shade of life, finding beauty and inspiration in its ever-changing hues. At the very least today in his life, it’s pastel.

Photographed by EXCEL PANLAQUE of KLIQ INC.

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