Michael Leyva’s New Bridal Collection is Inspired by an Enchanted Garden

Michael Leyva’s New Bridal Collection is Inspired by an Enchanted Garden


At the Peninsula Manila, the designer invited brides-to-be to immerse themselves where love finds its perfect expression, inspired from a garden

Romance thrives with threads and love sprouts in the stitches, as Michael Leyva enchants in his new bridal collection aptly titled, “The Enchanted Garden”. Inspired by the lush landscapes of a French paradise discovered during a whimsical escapade, the collection is adorned with touches of adoration. Each look, not without its opulence, elicits admiration for the careful craftsmanship and heartfelt emotion imbued from within.

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Michael Leyva presents his new bridal collection, “Enchanted Garden”

“I want to bring my own version of an enchanted garden, from the set-up to the clothes I’ll be showcasing,” Leyva reveals, as he seeks through heavily-armed pearls, sequins, beads, and fringe. Each gown awes passion, attracts fascination, and desires eternally.

The A-line silhouette is complemented by a deep v-neck to further elongate the body
Delicate lace adds a dream-like look to the gown

The designer curates a garden of floral dreams: a blossoming rose unfurls its petals to reveal the bride’s inner beauty; a soft orchid exudes elegance with each step from every shimmer; and a vibrant tulip radiates joy to every bride who wear them, captured in lace and silk.

Dramatic sleeve with fringe add detail to the look
A modern silhouette curves this ensemble in soft texture

“I was inspired by the French garden that I visited on my last trip to Paris,” he explains. He sought to emulate the essence of its flowers, translating them into intricate laser-cut designs adorning the gowns, while infusing the romantic ambiance of French lace throughout the collection. “I want to show every type of bride here,” he further states.

French lace and laser-cut flowers are incorporated to the collection
For dramatic flair, a hood is added to this modern bridal gown

From sleek silhouettes to dainty delights and romantic reveries, Leyva’s creations welcome the diversity of love’s expression. Every stitch is almost like a promise of forever, holding together delicate embroideries and intricate details.

While French-inspired motifs are predominant, the Filipino core is still at its center
Modern and traditional design elements meet in this wedding gown
A brooch is one way to add a personal touch to a man’s wedding tux
A high-slit wedding gown has become a favorite by many brides today

Bridal wear can have the idea of tradition, but Leyva nurtures his collection with innovative treatments and avant-garde flair. “There are really couture pieces that some might consider it’s bridal also.” He uproots the methodological expressions, “Aside from beading and laser-cut flowers, we used silk organza and pleated it then put horse hair string to give a cloud-like feel.” Here, the contemporary bride finds her muse as her reflection mirrors the look of a cosmopolitan, shouldered in its strength and structure.

Michael Leyva’s bridal collection evokes a whimsical look inspired by a garden in Paris

As brides-to-be flock to his atelier, drawn by floral enchantment, Michael Leyva stands as a cultivator of love, as Leyva tends to each gown with the care of a devoted gardener coaxing flowers into full splendor. In his enchanted garden, love blossoms in every soil, and the bride finds her fairytale moment unearthed to a vision immortalized in petals and lace.

Photos and Featured Image: EXCEL PANLAQUE of KLIQ INC.

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