Michelle Dee Answers Why Acting in Showbiz is a Good Stepping Stone to Being a Beauty Queen

Michelle Dee Answers Why Acting in Showbiz is a Good Stepping Stone to Being a Beauty Queen


In a MEGA Entertainment exclusive, Michelle Dee shares how being an actress prepared her as a beauty queen, ready for her biggest competition yet

In the Philippines, beauty queens tend to have a place in show business after their reign. With the hype still surrounding them once their official beauty queen duties are over, there is no better time to join the world of stars than right after. Think Gloria Diaz, Charlene Gonzales, and Kylie Verzosa. Because why not? They already have the beauty, the brains, the voice, and the fans. But for some women like Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, Miss World 2013 Megan Young, and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, the journey was quite the opposite—they first entered showbiz before discovering the world of pageantry. 

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Michelle Dee reveals acting helped in her confidence as a beauty queen
Michelle plays the roles of a pianist in her latest project, Keys to the Heart

Unlike the usual path of retiring the sash for acting or hosting projects, actresses who express their interest in joining beauty contests get more mixed reactions from their fans and the audience. Why find the need when they are already building their names in the country? Is it because they are not star material enough? Do they no longer find fulfillment or a greater purpose in acting? 

While going from acting to joining pageants may not be the road taken by most queens, here are some reasons why the world of show business actually prepares you for the competition of beauty, brains, grit, and grace. 

A training ground for confidence

Today, we know Michelle as the well-spoken, confident woman ready to conquer the universe. But according to her, it was acting that prepared her for her competitions. “When I first started dabbling into this industry, I knew first off that I wasn’t ready to be on stage. I didn’t have that confidence,” she shared with MEGA Entertainment. 

Growing up, MMD has always enjoyed the ropes of being behind the camera. But as a Kapuso star, she had to change her place and finally be in front of the lens. “I learned how to act in front of the camera. Being vulnerable and speaking my mind, [they transitioned] over to the pageant stage as well, where I was really able to let that confidence come.” 

A good place for grit and authenticity

The world of show business is not for the faint of heart, and so is the universe of pageantry. In a way, both contenders and artists are underestimated as we only see the glitz and glamour of their journeys when they are all made up and ready for the cameras. But behind all these are hours of preparation that we only see in brief clips. There are grueling training series and workshops. They do long periods of shootings, tapings, and practices. Even quiet moments of doubt and loneliness. 

In a way, experiencing all these in show business is already a sneak peek of what pageant contenders also have to go through. And with actors knowing the feeling of grit, they can surely share their lessons learned in the pageant stage. 

A starting point for promoting advocacies

Part of an artist’s agenda is promoting their next project or their next endorsement. With their fame, every statement or action tends to be magnified. That is actually a perfect opportunity to express their thoughts on a pressing issue or to show support for a cause. As their voices are louder for the fame that they have, why not use them to address bigger issues of reality? 

Of course, artists are not pressured to have a say on every issue. But what better way to use your following than to gather a call of support for fairer rights and better lives for others? Both as an actress and a beauty queen, Michelle has used her platforms in her two roles to advocate for autism awareness. In 2020, she was formally inducted as the goodwill ambassador of the Autism Society Philippines. Today, she continuously works with Center for Possibilities Incorporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to children with special needs.

Featured Image: RENZ REYES and MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

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