Michelle Dee Drops Hints About Her Miss Universe National Costume

Michelle Dee Drops Hints About Her Miss Universe National Costume


Curious to see Michelle Dee’s national costume? Here are some intriguing hints she teased, offering a sneak peek into the grand presentation on November 16

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Miss Universe, the national costume competition offers a glimpse into the world’s diverse heritage. Contestants use this platform to narrate their countries’ stories, beauty, traditions, and culture in a single ensemble. Adding to the excitement, Michelle Dee has given the Filipino people a glimpse of what to expect from her this year. Read on and let your anticipation soar with these clues.

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Meet the designer

This year, Filipino designer Michael Barassi was handpicked by the beauty queen to craft her ensemble for the national costume competition. Renowned for his exquisite cultural designs, Michael has an impressive portfolio featured in both local and international pageants. This collaboration with Michelle marks their second Miss Universe venture together as he previously designed her national costume for Miss Universe Philippines 2023. Called “Ang Gintong Ani,” the then-Makati representative looked striking in a vibrant green and gold ensemble, complete with intricate beadwork and a unique headpiece, paying tribute to our Filipino farmers.

On October 30, Michael also teased us with a sneak peek on Instagram—a huge box containing the Philippine representative’s national costume. It’s a clear sign that Michelle is gearing up for something big and extraordinary on November 16. In her interviews, the beauty queen consistently and proudly hints at a never-before-seen costume from a Filipina Miss Universe representative, igniting further anticipation and curiosity.

A touch of Michelle’s identity 

Michelle always emphasizes her personal touch in every outfit she wears, and her national costume is no different. In a recent video, she dropped a subtle clue about her look, referencing the time she earned her Basic Citizen Military Training certification from the Philippine Air Force last month. While we can’t confirm just yet if military elements will be incorporated, one thing is definite: Michelle’s fearless and resilient spirit as a woman is set to make a powerful statement on the Miss Universe stage. 

Filipino culture takes flight

Michelle Dee drops clues about her Miss Universe National Costume
Michelle Dee shimmers in a crystal mesh cover-up by Ulysses Caragayan

The lead-up to the Miss Universe competition took an unexpected twist as a recently released video revealed that Michelle’s national costume showcases an airplane in it. The said video intentionally blurred the image, leaving no room for doubt that the costumes were meant to remain a mystery. This decision sharply contradicted the claims of certain fans who believed the organization had accidentally leaked the costume. In response, MMD promptly addressed the situation on Instagram, affirming the organization’s innocence and asking fans to patiently await the competition. She promised a spectacular display of national costumes not only from herself, but also from women hailing from other countries.

Featured Image: FRANCIS LIBIRAN (via Instagram)
Photo and Videos : MICHELLE DEE and MICHAEL BARASSI (via Instagram)

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