Miss Universe PH Fashion Round-Up: Michelle Dee Fashionably Wraps Up Her Week in El Salvador

Miss Universe PH Fashion Round-Up: Michelle Dee Fashionably Wraps Up Her Week in El Salvador


Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee continues to showcase her expertise in elevating basic and formal pieces before the highly anticipated coronation night

In less than a week, we are set to see which candidate will obtain the crown for this year’s Miss Universe, and it’s a nerve-wracking position to be in at this point in time because the night is slowly approaching. We are still seeing each candidate prepare as they share posts about their activities before the coronation night. And with that being said, we gathered Michelle Dee’s recent ensembles as she went about her schedule in El Salvador. 

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Look 11: Training like a queen

Michelle had a chic ensemble during their rehearsals and we’ve probably got our own set in our closets. The all-black outfit consisted of a sports bra and leggings that definitely showed off her figure. She then layered it with an oversized brown leather jacket to elevate the casual look. 

Michelle Dee MUPH Style

Look 12: Keeping the basics

It’s the white-button down and denim combo we’ve all grown to love over the years, but the beauty queen decided to add a little twist. The loose light-washed denims gave her look a trendy detail, while the button-down had a floor-length finish—a subtle way of exaggerating a casual piece. 

Michelle Dee MUPH Style

Look 13: Rosettes in El Salvador

There is no doubt that rosettes were one of the top trends in fashion this year, and we’re seeing it once again in Michelle’s pink dress designed by Mark Bumgarner. It had a flattering finish because the drapings seen across her torso accentuated her figure, while the rosette made its spot right by her hip. The piece was then completed with a crystal brooch pinned on the neckline. 

Michelle Dee Mark Bumgarner

Look 14: Sunday’s best

We’re taken back to the famous ensemble of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with this particular look. The Ulysses Caragayan piece was all things elegant and timeless because of the boat neckline, while the structured silhouette gave the design a trendy finish. 

Miss Universe fashion

Look 15: Monday monochromes

Try to beat the Monday blues like Michelle by wearing a monochromatic outfit. It’s definitely an ensemble that creates the perfect put-together aesthetic like the one on the beauty queen, which consisted of a black bandeau, sheer blouse, and straight-cut trousers. Another detail worth mentioning is the play in texture that gave the look more depth instead of looking flat. 

Michelle monochromatic style

Look 16: Yacht adventures

A little downtime is a must, and Michelle went around one of the country’s beaches in a rather sultry bikini that displayed her toned physique. The one-piece had various cutouts, as seen on the torso and the side of her body, and it was extra alluring because of the high cut detail and the low neckline. 

Miss Universe El Salvador

Photos: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

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