Miss Universe PH Fashion Round-Up: Michelle Dee Flaunts Her Beach Body Physique

Miss Universe PH Fashion Round-Up: Michelle Dee Flaunts Her Beach Body Physique


Let’s talk about Michelle Dee’s ultra sultry looks that showed off her toned physique as she toured around El Salvador 

When it comes to revealing ensembles, there is no denying that Michelle Dee knows how to accentuate her toned physique the best way possible. We have seen her do this in various styles and they range from elegant silhouettes, contemporary designs, to casual sultry outfits, proving that the beauty queen is not one to shy away from the allure. And in true Michelle Dee fashion, she stays consistent with her style with these skin-baring looks as she waits for the Miss Universe coronation night.

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Look 5: Exploring El Salvador

The beauty queen had a rather trendy outfit when she went around touring El Salvador in her bikini coordinates designed by Angela Taloza. It’s fresh to the eyes because of the vivid hues combined with the chosen pattern, while the ties and high slit made the overall piece look trendy. 

Michelle Dee MUPH

Look 6: Seaside couture

Made by Ulysses Caragayan, her crystal mesh cover-up featured draping finishes, as seen on the neckline and the center of the skirt. Underneath the sheer mesh gave us a glimpse of the silver bikini that she got from Helen Piece. All in all, this look was all about the new allure for the beach. 

Michelle Dee MUPH

Look 7: Trendy in stripes

Playing around with patterns can be tricky, but if you do it right, you’ll end up with an unforgettable outfit. A perfect example of this is Michelle Dee’s swimsuit attire that consisted of black and white patterns on both the one-piece and her flared pants by Rubin Singer. Another detail worth mentioning is that the beauty queen’s entire outfit helped elongate her figure because of the similarities in the striped pattern of the suit and pants.

Michelle Dee MUPH

Photos: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

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