Michelle Dee Pairs Her Miss Universe Evening Gown With Statement Earrings

Michelle Dee Pairs Her Miss Universe Evening Gown With Statement Earrings


Michelle Dee goes beyond the standards of pageantry with her culturally-inspired evening gown completed with her chosen statement jewelry

When it comes to completing an ensemble, every detail and element is considered to be essential for the overall look—from the chosen construction and techniques used in the garment to the decided hair and makeup for a cohesive finish. Above all of that, what truly makes or breaks an outfit are the accessories. That is why we are putting a spotlight on Michelle Dee and the statement jewelry she wore when she walked out on stage for the evening gown segment of Miss Universe 2023.

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Tradition at heart

A strong energy filled the venue in El Salvador as the beauty queen appeared on stage in a design that was inspired by Apo Whang-Od, the historical woman who continues the Kalinga region’s tattooing traditions to this day. The black Mark Bumgarner gown was a standout with the intricate beadwork finished on the sheer bodice, sleeves, and shoulders, while her skirt was finished in an elegant drape to balance out the design of the upper body. 

Michelle Dee evening gown

Historical references

Since the gown had a rather daring style, it was only fitting for her to wear jewelry that can give a strong impact in a subtle cultural manner as well. The Jewelmer earrings had a clean finish, as seen on the gold piece hanging from the upper dangle that was adorned with a silver fragment. One thing to note is that most of the gold jewelry from our past was done in a similar fashion, and for her to choose this particular piece perfectly tied up the concept of modern tradition that we saw from her evening gown look. 

Michelle Dee jewelry

We also have to give credit to her bold decision to keep her hair short even though it’s not the conventional choice for a beauty queen. It was the ideal style to give the spotlight to the intricacy of her gown and the statement silver and gold-tiered earrings. All in all, Michelle Dee gave the evening gown segment of Miss Universe a refreshing cultural twist, a powerful move we all recognize in the world of pageantry. 

Photos: MISS UNIVERSE and MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

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