Microwaves For Your Body Fat? This Body Treatment Says Yes

Microwaves For Your Body Fat? This Body Treatment Says Yes


The Aivee Clinic’s newest body treatment promises maximum results, minimum effort, and zero pain—oh, and did we mention it uses microwaves?

“All gain, no pain.”

When Dr. Z Teo uttered these words during the launch of their newest revolutionary body treatment, there was a tangible sense of excitement amongst the guests. You see, when it comes to beauty, most of us are willing to try anything that will help us achieve our goals; pain and suffering be damned. But of course, we would opt for procedures that are not only effective but does not sacrifice comfort—well, at least not too much.

Enter Aivee Onda Coolwaves: a complete body contouring treatment that promises to address all our body concerns using microwaves. Cellulite reduction? Check. Skin tightening? Check. Fat removal? Check—and permanent, at that.

I didn’t need much convincing to try the treatment. With the early onset of summer upon us, I needed all the help I can get to finally get that beach body I’ve been working hard for. One look at my problem area (it’s my stubborn belly that seems dead set on staying with me) had me booking an appointment stat.

Upon arriving at the Slimming Lab of The A Institute where Onda is exclusively available, I was greeted by my trusted attending nurse, Kath. She ushered me into a pristine room decked with full-length mirrors, which I took advantage of, snapping a few pre-procedure body selfies.

Kath then steered the Onda machine into the room, an impressive and, dare I say, cute piece of machinery. It comes with two specially designed smart handpieces that are designed for both deep and shallow usage, depending on the area and the need. After assessing my problem area, Kath deduces that instead of my requested fat reduction procedure, what I needed was to tighten the skin. I’ve previously tried Aivee’s Cristal Cryolipsis, a permanent fat removal procedure that freezes fat cells, and it’s proven to be very effective—I was told that what I thought to be belly fat was actually loose skin already.

Fun fact: Cristal Cryo and Onda are actually recommended together. While Cristal Cryo crystallizes fat cells, starting a self-destruction process of the frozen fatty tissues, Onda accelerates the metabolism of fat cells, hastening the process of fat elimination. Onda treatment also stimulates the production of new collagen, ultimately helping in body shaping and contouring.

To address the loose skin, Kath proceeded to input the skin tightening function on the Onda machine, which is extremely smart, as its LED guiding the operator throughout the procedure. Not that I ever doubted Kath’s skills, but this smart measure adds a certain level of security and safety. With a generous amount of ultrasound gel, the handpiece was then applied to my front stomach area first, targeting the loose skin. Unlike other procedures that I’ve tried, the handpiece didn’t feel warm to the touch at all, not even during the latter parts. The most discomfort I felt was a pang of heat that went away quickly once the handpiece proceeded to a different area. Kath also made sure to target my “backrolls” or love handles on the side of my waistline, hovering over the problem areas in a relaxing, circular manner.

Overall, it was a very quick and painless procedure that you can get during a quick work break. Onda can be applied to any part of the body, and it did indeed produce visible results after the first session.

This led me to the question: How does it work? Onda Coolwaves are special microwaves that selectively target fat cells. This results in reducing localized fat deposits as it accelerates the metabolism of fat cells in the specific area, all in a non-invasive procedure.

Microwaves for your body? As Dr. Z Teo said, it is a simple concept when you think about it, and when it comes to beauty, I find that simple works best. After trying the treatment firsthand, I have to agree—it simply works.

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