Milan Fashion Week Finds Its Muse in Dr. Vicki Belo

Milan Fashion Week Finds Its Muse in Dr. Vicki Belo


In an exclusive interview with MEGA, Dr. Vicki Belo champions ageless dressing and mentors young talents Liza Soberano and Andrea Brillantes in Milan Fashion Week

Dr. Vicki Belo, a name synonymous with beauty, shares her love for fashion at Milan Fashion Week, specifically at the shows of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Gucci.

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Prescription for fashion

Just as Dr. Vicki Belo uses her expertise to enhance her patients’ beauty, she employs her fashion sensibilities to elevate and empower individuals.

“I never cared much what people think or say,” she explains. “As long as I’m happy in what I wear and I don’t hurt anyone, I’ll do it!” Her fashion choices, whether on the bustling streets of Milan or the cosmopolitan runways of Paris, are a vibrant expression of her belief in self-confidence through style.

dr vicki Belo and andrea brillantes fashion week
Dr. Vicki Belo and Andrea Brillantes, ready to conquer Milan Fashion Week together

Worldwide style remedy

Her presence at international events not only illustrates her taste, but also emphasizes her commitment to the world of fashion. “I first started going to Fashion Week back in 2007,” she shares. LVMH [Founder] Benoit Arnault was in Louis Vuitton Greenbelt to launch the, at that time, new Turbillon LV watch. They were all trying to convince me to buy it.”

“So,” she continues, “I said that I would only buy it if he brought me to Paris to watch the LV fashion show.” Suddenly, the room transforms into a runway.

dr vicki Belo fashion week

“It was all such an incredible experience,” she exclaims. “It felt like such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Yet, this was just the beginning.

Championing ageless dressing

Her philosophy is a resounding declaration that style knows no age barriers. With a steadfast commitment to the concept of ageless dressing, she reminds us that fashion is an infinite exploration where age is but a number, and confidence is eternal.

“My job is all about beauty and feeling comfortable in my own skin,” she emphasizes. “When I feel that I look good, I feel more self-confident and I can perform at my best.”

fashion week dr vicki

She stands as a beacon of style enlightenment, challenging societal norms and stereotypes. “It’s time to stop labeling and boxing people into whatever stereotype we think they should be in,” she asserts.

With her bold and adventurous aesthetic, she dispels the notion that fashion is reserved for a few. Instead, she champions the idea that true style blossoms and matures with age.

Couture consultations with the Belo Babies

Her longstanding tradition of bringing her Belo Babies to glamorous international fashion weeks beats the ordinary. The reason behind this is for her to not only establish a stronger relationship with them, but to also simply show her appreciation for their loyalty. “I want to give my Belo Babies a unique experience that money can’t buy to say thank you for their loyalty and friendship,” she explains. “I also want to get close to them on a personal level, and there’s nothing like a trip abroad that can achieve that.”

This season, she introduced the dazzling talents of Liza Soberano and Andrea Brillantes to the high fashion haven of Milan. But it’s much more than just attending shows as it’s also a transformative journey of mentorship and discovery, where she fosters a nurturing environment where her Belo Babies can hone their tastes, refine their understanding of style, and ignite their passion for the art of dressing.

liza soberano belo fashion week
Liza Soberano and Dr. Vicki Belo strike a pose at the Prada SS24 show
liza soberano belo fashion week
It was all smiles for Liza and Dr. Vicki Belo at Milan Fashion Week

At its core, this tradition speaks volumes about her commitment to widening the understanding and appreciation of fashion, particularly among the younger generation. Each Belo Baby represents a promising talent, and the dermatologist serves as their guiding light, offering them invaluable insights.

belo andrea brillantes fashion week
Andrea Brillantes and Dr. Vicki Belo joyfully walk the streets of Milan

Dr. Vicki Belo’s influence underscores the idea that fashion is a universal language that knows no barriers. As Milan bids ciao to another sensational fashion week, her influence reminds us all that in the world of fashion, true style is a classic. 

Photography JAN LEVENT
(Dr. Vicki Belo)

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